ServiceNow’s Exciting Integration With Microsoft Teams

During the pandemic, Microsoft Corporation reported that Microsoft Teams took the number one spot from Microsoft Outlook as the company’s most used app. Microsoft has been promoting the idea that the solutions they offer will meet employees where they are in the flow of work, and Teams has proven that it has the ability to connect employees, enable collaboration, and improve enterprise communication.

In a major announcement, ServiceNow is embedding Employee Center in Microsoft Teams. As a result of a strategic partnership between ServiceNow and Microsoft, the companies have integrated ServiceNow workflows for IT, HR, facilities and procurement into Microsoft Teams. This enables organizations that have invested in Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow to better support users and offer a more streamlined user experience.

Introducing ServiceNow Employee Center in Microsoft Teams

ServiceNow’s Now Platform (Rome Release) offers a feature called Employee Center. Employee Center is a hub for employees to find information and get help across various departments. Employee Center joins an already long list of apps and integrations that have been available as a result of Microsoft’s and ServiceNow’s partnership.

Image of ServiceNow Employee Center integration with Microsoft Teams.

Employee Center will be offered as collaborative app that can be embedded directly into Microsoft Teams. Collaborative apps are a set of Teams apps that can be used across chat, channels and meetings. The functionality of Teams and this integration will be improved with the availability of ServiceNow workflow engines within Teams.

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At the time of the publishing, there are over 30 integrations across ServiceNow and Microsoft . The two companies have been partners for more than a decade; however, they announced their strategic partnership in July 2019.

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