Trends in Hybrid Work and the Modern Workplace

Kiefer Consulting has been following workplace trends for over 30 years, but we have seen more significant change in the last 18 months than ever before. The changes brought on by the pandemic has led to organizations rethinking organizational structure, policies, technology, and wellbeing.

As a Microsoft Partner, we have paid extremely close attention to Microsoft’s research that is following workplace trends. These insights have helped us in offering services that align with the evolving needs of organizations across all sectors. In 2020, we began offering a free consultation that was designed to share best practices with organizations that were struggling to support remote and distributed workers. Last week, we announced a free consultation that could help public-sector organizations that are interested in leveraging data to gain insights and make better business decisions. These services allow us to share valuable insights related to the trends that are having big impacts on organizations both large and small.

One of the best resources we have found that 2021 Work Trend Index. Microsoft has analyzed trillions of productivity and labor signals from across Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn to derive insights about how people work and collaborate. This research has explored the implications of hybrid work, social capital, and wellbeing.

Microsoft researchers have spent decades studying workplace behaviors and have published expert analysis and advice that can help organizations in adapting to the evolving needs of the workforce. Microsoft researchers have also published some excellent articles that would be useful for organizations that are navigating the changes that have been brought on by the pandemic.

Here are a few articles that are relevant

To Thrive in Hybrid Work, Support Flexibility in Work Styles (

Strategies for Onboarding in a Hybrid World (

Preparing for the Turnover Crisis (

Microsoft’s annual Work Trend Index is published in the spring, however, you can find valuable insights in the pulse reports which cover relevant industry topics.

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