With a brave new world of work confronting organizations of all sizes – public sector and private sector alike – critical functions like driving collaboration, providing access to information, connecting users and securing confidential data have never been more important.

Here at Kiefer we’ve been helping businesses and government agencies achieve those goals through building new intranets or reengineering existing intranets. In particular, we’ve been helping our clients leverage the capabilities of SharePoint. For more than a decade, the Kiefer team has provided clients with industry-leading SharePoint expertise to build out robust, highly capable intranets that centralize information and facilitate collaboration.

Kiefer has worked with clients to deploy intuitive and modern intranet experiences.

Long before the global transition to widespread remote work, many business and public sector organizations recognized the value of intranets. Many opted for homegrown intranet solutions. Some of these continue to thrive while others languished and fell into disuse. If your organization has an underutilized intranet or one that simply doesn’t engage employees, Kiefer has the solution to revitalize it. We’ve codified our years of experience into an intranet strategy for organizations at every level of maturity. Whether you’re looking for a basic intranet, something more advanced, or a truly top-of-the-line experience, Kiefer can help. And we’re offering a free intranet consultation to help get you started.

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In the early days of SharePoint, building a functional, homegrown intranet was often a daunting task. We’ve worked with many clients who had previously taken a dim view of SharePoint. But ever since the launch of SharePoint Online and the modern intranet experience, we’ve helped our clients see what’s possible today and for many of them it’s been transformative.

Great intranets are designed with the user in mind. Your intranet should help your employees do their jobs better. When you work with Kiefer, we help you design your intranet so that users are engaged from the start. We work with your team to solicit provide feedback so we understand what’s important to your business and how your business’ information should be organized because we know great intranet sites are well-designed, easy to navigate and contribute to employee satisfaction.

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So if your business or agency needs a new intranet or your existing intranet is in need of a refresh, we invite you to take advantage of our free consulting session. Whether you ultimately choose to work with Kiefer or not, we want to help you honestly assess your current intranet, understand the options available to you, and open your eyes to the possibilities you can unlock – like integrating Microsoft Teams and incorporating the awesome app building and data visualization features of the Power Platform – with an intranet built in SharePoint Online.

Ready for an intranet overhaul? We’re ready when you are. Give us a call at 916-932-7220 or send us an email at info@kieferconsulting.com.


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