New clients and the questions they ask

Over the last 2 years, Kiefer has worked with more private sector companies than ever before. While a majority of our contracts come from state and local government clients, we found that in 2020 and 2021, a number of private sector companies needed the support of a firm with our expertise. Our experience in enabling collaboration was in demand as organizations shifted to remote work.

Many organizations in the private-sector needed assistance with deploying Teams, migrating data to the cloud, and some needed help in deploying Microsoft 365 applications that would help a distributed workforce stay productive and connected.

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In our initial conversations with potential private-sector clients, we often are asked these 3 questions –

How much will this cost?

Typically, interested clients will reach out to Kiefer and ask for us to provide a price for migrating SharePoint or deploying Teams. In some situations, we can provide an estimate. In other cases, we have to offer an assessment that will help us in determining the complexity of a project. There are many variables that can impact the cost of a project. Common variables that can impact the cost of delivering a service include:

  • Amount of data Kiefer team will have to migrate
  • Infrastructure
  • Data preparation
  • Interviews and discovery
  • Access

Our team understands the activities that can have an impact on the total cost of a project and we make efforts to help clients in keeping those costs down.

Can you deliver remotely?

Yes. We can.

While our team was always capable of remote project delivery, traditional business models commonly prevailed and potential clients would elect to find a firm that were more local or that could provide services on-site. Kiefer has discovered that remote delivery results in the same outcome at a reduced cost. The client doesn’t have to pay for travel time or bring in stakeholders from distributed locations to meet with our team. Meetings can be conducted using Microsoft Teams and recorded for future reference. Remote delivery has proven to be a viable and efficient.

What makes your company different?

Typically, by the time a  potential customer contacts us, they have already conducted a fair amount of research and have learned about our company by reviewing content on our company website. If they haven’t done that and ask a question about what it is like to work with our team, we often share our mini-eBook that highlights why clients choose to work with us.

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The most compelling reason (in my opinion) is our proven track record and our Microsoft Gold Partner status. We have one of the most experienced teams of full-time benefited consultants. We simply don’t subscribe to the staffing model approach to project delivery. We want to KNOW every resource that we have dedicated to delivering your project and exactly what they are capable of. This approach help to ensure that we deliver to the clients expectation.

Our services are competitively priced, our team is experienced and very capable, and we know what it takes to successfully deliver. If you are in the private sector and you are looking for a partner that can help you maximize your investment in Microsoft 365, we should talk. We can be an extension of your team, help your organization build capacity, and we can help you in your business transformation efforts. Contact us to learn more or for a free consultation.


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