The Kiefer Way: Care About the Customer

There are many things that set us apart from the competition, but I really had some time to think about what makes Kiefer different in the marketplace. There is one thing that stands out for me. It is that we truly care about our client’s success.

While we have outstanding partnerships with leading third-party companies that offer the best products in the industry, you won’t find us pressuring a customer to buy them. We care about our customer’s desired outcomes and share insights, demo products when appropriate, and we help customers weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Sometimes, these conversations result in the customer delaying acquisition or even discovering that a product is not a good fit. As consultants, we share options and give clients our opinions. Ultimately, we will support their decision and make every effort to help them achieve their business goals. We recognize that helping clients make decisions that are the best for them will separate us as a trusted advisor… and this is good for the client and it is good for us.

One thing our consultants say that really resonates with me is something like this…

“If I were you, I would_____.”

A Kiefer Consultant (pick any one)

This is very important. It clearly shows that our consultants can put themselves in the shoes of the client. Sometimes, this statement reflects something very different that what the client had in mind, but it shows that we care about the outcomes, the client and their success. We don’t always align. Sometimes, our recommendations don’t work for the client. Budget, timing, appetite, or technical acumen can result in us delivering something different that we recommended. We understand that as consultants, it’s our job to deeply understand the goals, the root causes of the business challenge, and to guide the customer to options.

Understanding what is on the line

Caring about our clients means that we have to care about the people that we are working with. Many of our projects are disruptive ones that result in optimized processes, better communication, and/or improved collaboration. But, for many organizations “change” is hard. We do our best to understand the risks that our clients are taking, their goals, the reasons they are making the investment, and what they need to accomplish and why it must be done.

We must ask good questions and dig-deep to understand what the client needs and the outcome they expect. Our recommendations intend to guide the customer to options that can help them in achieving their goal. But ultimately, we encourage the client to follow a path that will work best for them.

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Full-Time Benefited Consultants

We know how our consultants operate because they are all full-time benefited employees. They know that our client is at the center of everything that we do. When you work with us, you are not only working with a team that has worked on similar projects, but the teams have also worked on these projects together.

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I know what to expect when we have a call with a client. But I had lost sight as to why these conversations with potential customers go so well and why clients come back to us in the future. They know that we care about them, their success, and delivering on their desired outcomes.

If you ae curious to better understand what it is like to work with our team, take us up on one of our free consultations. You’ll see why.


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