Working at Kiefer: Can They – Will They – Good Fit

Kiefer has been in business since 1988. And, unlike many other firms that are in our market space, we only operate with a full-time and benefited team of consultants. We don’t staff projects.

This is a differentiator and something that we are very proud of.  But our model is a more complicated one. From an internal perspective, our business development team and operations team have to be focused on our resourcing mix and skills matrix to ensure we have the right team members available when they are needed, while still working to ensure that they do not have extended “bench” time. It’s a delicate balance and one that we have become better at managing over the last few years. We have implemented new tools and dashboards that help us manage our resource mix, forecast, and planned activity.

We are currently hiring consultants and are very selective when it comes to who we hire. We want the best of the best. We look at experience, certifications, and references. There are 3 other things we consider when we are interviewing potential team members.

Can They – Will They – Good Fit

All 3 of these factors are equal in weight. And, if a candidate misses on any one of these factors, they typically will not make it to a second round of interviews.

Can They:

This is an important measure, and we can quickly assess whether a candidate “can” do the job. One’s resume should speak to their overall experience, familiarity with specific technology, and the types of projects they have delivered. In our initial resume review, if there are gaps but the candidate shows acumen, we will typically schedule some time to better understand whether they can do the work.

Will They:

Consulting is a unique line of work, and even though a candidate may have experience with relevant technologies, their ability to truly step into a consulting role may be challenging. So, this is where the “can they” meets the “will they”. A consultant must be able to listen, offer recommendations, work collaboratively, and become a trusted advisor. Candidates must demonstrate a willingness to do the job and willingness to become a true consultant.

Good Fit:

Lastly, candidates must represent a good cultural fit. We have a team that works well together, and chemistry is extremely important. Collaboration and mentoring are vital to our delivery methodology, and we seek candidates that will be a good cultural fit. This quality, while very different from the “can they and “will they” factor, is just as important.

This approach has worked for us. Our average tenure at Kiefer is 5.4 years and we have some of the most respected Microsoft 365 consultants in the region on our team. We are a 3 -time finalist in the Sacramento Business Journal’s Best Places to Work survey and are committed to being an employer of choice.

We are an equal-opportunity employer with a great reputation. If you’d like to speak with us about career opportunities at Kiefer, please contact us to learn more.


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