Microsoft 365 Planning Playbook

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Kiefer Consulting is a trusted advisor to many departments in the State of California. We can help your organization leverage your investment in Microsoft 365 and assist you in rolling out new capabilities and applications.

Over the last year, we have been supporting clients in the deployment of modern workplace applications like Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Power Automate. These tools are important to streamlining processes, enhancing enterprise collaboration, and improving communication across the organization.
If digital transformation is on the horizon for your organization, or if you have recently upgraded to Microsoft G5 licensing for the Government Community Cloud, you’ll want to find a partner that can help you quickly and seamlessly take advantage of technology innovations to gain efficiencies.

This free eBook was designed to introduce you to the applications that are available, potential use cases, and ideas on how an organization might get started in using these applications.

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft 365 or would like to take us up a free consulting session with one of our consultants, contact us!


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