Better Engagement with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of applications that many users simply don’t know about. You are likely familiar with Outlook, Teams and your Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), but there are a number of apps that you can only find by logging into your Office 365 account at

Once you log in, you will see this icon in the bottom corner on the left.

This icon will open more applications in Microsoft 365.

One app that we have been able to use with greater frequency over the past year is Microsoft Forms. With a distributed team, Microsoft Forms has been an invaluable tool to solicit feedback, gauge interest and keep team members engaged. Without in-person interactions, feedback mechanisms are important to making better informed decisions.

Use Cases for Microsoft Forms

We value the time of our team members, so we have expanded our use of Microsoft Forms to gather feedback on partner presentations. We use this information to help ensure that future presentations “hit-the-mark” and offer value to our consultants.

We have also used Microsoft Forms to informally poll our team. We’ve used Microsoft Forms to identify what team building activities the team was most interested in. It’s a practical tool and getting feedback is simple.

Creating a Form

Creating a form or a quiz in Microsoft Teams is incredibly easy. Microsoft has put together some great material that show how to create a form, a quiz, or a poll.

Integration with other Microsoft 365 applications

Even though Microsoft Forms seems like it’s buried in the Microsoft 365 stack of applications, it integrates with some of the most popular applications in the suite.

A few of our favorite Microsoft Forms integrations are –

What we like best about Microsoft Forms

Creating forms is fast and easy

Creating forms is very easy.Here is a sample form that we created to show the different types of feedback you can collect using a Microsoft form.

Let’s check out Microsoft Forms

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Forms can trigger workflow

As we mentioned, integration with Power Automate is a significant benefit. Based on the information that is gathered using a form, this can trigger a workflow action. You can learn more about the integration and how Microsoft Forms and Power Automate work together here.


You can really play around with the look and feel of your form. You can incorporate logos, change the color of the survey, add background images, and create specific sections within the form. Being able to customize the look and feel of your survey will improve the user experience.

Microsoft Forms is an awesome tool and it is easy to get started. Think about the business case and how Forms may help you in improving engagement internally and externally. Kiefer can help you in identifying the tools and applications that will support the modernization of the workplace. Contact us today to talk to the experts!


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