Kiefer is headed to the Microsoft 365 Conference

After 2 years of virtual conferences and meetings, a small group of Kiefer team members are headed to the Microsoft 365 Conference.

Our team of Microsoft 365 experts are excited about learning more about Microsoft’s vision for Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Power Platform. So much has happened over the last couple of years and we think that these applications will continue to have significant influence on the Modern Workplace. With over 200 sessions over the course of 3 days, we will be “drinking from the firehose!”

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This conference is the first conference we have attended since the pandemic shut down in-person events. Many of our team members participated in virtual Microsoft events to stay up to date, but we are looking forward to gathering in-person to talk “shop” with the Microsoft Community. 

This year, speakers at the conference include Microsoft leaders, Jeff Teper and Charles Lamanna. In addition, we will also have the chance to speak with Microsoft MVPs, experts and customers.

The SharePoint Saturday Connection

Kiefer Consulting is a longtime sponsor of SharePoint Saturday, a global event that is held in cities all over the world. These events feature the experts in SharePoint  and Microsoft 365 and were designed to share knowledge and experience and bring together a local community of users and experts. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to meet a few of the experts that will be presenting at the conference. We are looking forward to saying hello to Naomi Moneypenny, Dan Holme and Mark Kashman.

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Our good pal, Eric Overfield, President of PixelMill, even has a session that we are planning to attend, One-Stop-Shop | Make Microsoft Teams the Gateway to Your Digital Workspace with Microsoft Viva.

Our plane touches down in Las Vegas on Monday, April 4. Expect several blogs that highlight announcements, meetings, and general updates from the conference floor.


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