Secrets to Success: Experience and Expertise

I’ve been at Kiefer Consulting for 6 years. I often say that I am fortunate to work with some brilliant individuals that have a rare mix of technical skill and a strategic mindset. We have written a blog about what to expect when working with our team and the importance of team chemistry, but we have never shared our perspective on the unique skill set that our consultants bring to a client engagement.

One thing that our consultants do that sets the right tone with the client is validation. Our consultants do not assume to understand a process, or the business challenges. Validation comes from assessments, which require that our consultants listen and gather as much information as possible. Even with better information, our team will not rush to solutioning until they have interviewed key stakeholders, gathered requirements, and validated their findings.

Options and Recommendations

Oftentimes, our consultants must share findings and recommendations with a client and offer options. Sometimes, we might make case for a specific recommendation, but we do try to give the customer options. We give clients the pros and cons related to each option and help them in making a decision that is best for them. Once we understand how the client wants to proceed, we do our best to remove barriers, mitigate risks, and deliver to the client’s expectations.

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Following the Kiefer Lead

I recognize the trust that our clients have for our team when I hear sentiments like this…

“What would you do?”

“What do you recommend?”

“Would this be a good idea?”

Our consultants come to each project with technical expertise and experience. This brings our clients significant value because they are able to leverage what our consultants have learned in similar engagements.

I once attended  a meeting with a principal consultant and a client. The client asked several questions about building a solution in a very specific way. Our consultant quickly responded with 3 or 4 considerations if the client proceeded in building a solution using their proposed methodology. The client quickly acknowledged that he hadn’t considered those things and then asked what the consultant would recommend. This is the value that our consultants bring to an engagement

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Different Perspectives

Our team has helped clients modernize the workplace, tune infrastructure, and solve critical business challenges by listening, sharing, and collaborating with our customers. We bring real world experience and can share what our knowledge with you and your team. In the end, we are truly focused on 2 outcomes. Successful delivery and client satisfaction. We do this by focusing squarely on the customer experience in every single engagement, large or small.

I am very proud of the work we do here at Kiefer. If you have a project in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a member of our consulting team. I’d love to give you a chance to see what I get to see every day. 


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