Introducing Viva Goals

Has your organization ever created a strategic plan that is collecting dust?

Are goals being set but not being managed?

You are not alone. This is common across many organizations.

At Inspire, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Viva Goals. Viva Goals is a goal setting and management solution that helps you in aligning teams to your organization’s priorities. With Viva Goals, organizations have a way drive and measure results. 

If your organization does not have a tool in place to organize and track their goals, this solution may be the right solution. Microsoft envisions that organizations will use Viva Goals to track “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs). By design, Viva Goals offers a “single pane of glass” that helps users understand the company’s purpose and top priorities. If used effectively, Viva Goals can help organizations in creating a culture of engaged employees and will help them in focusing on the goals and results.

How Viva Goals can help your organization

Viva Goals combines the power of the OKR framework with simple and intuitive platform that simplifies the work required to succeed in reaching shared goals. Viva Goals keep organizational goals front-and-center and provides employees with visibility to the goals and progress.

Having better visibility into your company’s strategic objectives, highlighting the OKRs you own, and aligning your work and projects to the key OKRs of the organization, is important to employees that want to do meaningful work that will have a larger impact. Viva Goals enables organizations to never lose sight of objectives.

Viva Goals integrates with Microsoft Teams which allows you to track, update, and communicate progress towards shared goals. Viva Goals provides organizations a tool that helps to ensure there is a strong focus on purpose-driven work.   

Viva Goals is in preview but will be available in early August. If you’d like to learn more about Viva and the benefits of an employee engagement platform, contact us to learn more.


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