Building a Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Kiefer’s approach to helping clients leverage the power of Microsoft 365 starts with building a roadmap.

Prior to the pandemic, many organizations with Microsoft 365 licenses we’re only using a small subset of applications within the Microsoft 365 suite. The majority of customers that we talked to we’re only using Outlook and Microsoft Office apps. When organizations found themselves having to support remote work, organizations began to roll out Microsoft Teams. 

Have a Plan

From our perspective, many deployments of Teams lacked consideration for governance, permissions and a long-term vision for Teams a collaboration and communication platform. We have been working with several clients that are looking for help with Teams and supporting remediation efforts.

We believe that the most practical approach for rolling out applications in Microsoft 365 is to have a road map. A road map provides an organization with details on how applications will be rolled out, why they’re being rolled out and how the deployment of new technologies will affect users.

How Kiefer Can Help

Our approach to building a road map focuses on an organization’s appetite as well as capacity. By understanding what a client wants to do and how prepared they are, we can support them by crafting a strategic road map that is realistic and can help them in their digital transformation efforts.

The road map also becomes an effective tool to communicate I.T. strategy to the business. A road map can effectively communicate when certain technologies will be deployed and set clear expectations for users across the entire organization.

It is very common for us at Kiefer to conduct an assessment and provide the customer with a road map and a plan for deploying Microsoft 365 applications. The road map clearly defines what needs to happen prior to go live and defines what needs to happen to grow adoption.

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If you are interested in learning more about how Kiefer can help you in getting the most out of your investment in Microsoft 365, contact us to schedule time with one of our consultants. we can show you examples of road maps that have been built for other clients and help you in crafting a vision for your organization.


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