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Two years ago, the state of California rewrote the state telework policy for the first time in 10 years. The state of California has made a huge operational shift and have made significant investments in measuring and evaluating the impact of telework.

According to departments and the state, telework has been a success. The state has taken a comprehensive approach to ensuring that policies are in place, guidelines are followed, and workers remain productive regardless of their work location. One method of managing telework is the telework agreement. All employees that work for the state of California must complete the telework agreement, also known as Standard Form 200. In addition to employees filling out forms, departments must report telework data to California Department of General Services (DGS ) on a monthly basis.

Kiefer understands the requirements for telework

Kiefer has worked with several departments and assisted them in developing systems to streamline the completion of the telework agreement, as well aggregating the data from the telework agreement to simplify the reporting process. 

Like telework, processes and reporting requirements associated with telework are here to stay. Currently, DGS is requiring departments to submit telework data monthly. Data for all employees in the department must be included in the data submission. Telework data is due to DGS on the last working day of the month.

The Telework App streamlines data collection and enables a standard form to be populated with data that is entered in the app.

Some departments were not prepared

Some departments may not have the right systems in place to make the management of agreements simple and may have to support a lot of manual processes to obtain the information DGS requires every month.

This is the data that DGS expects from every department:

  • One-way commute miles
  • One-way commute minutes
  • Office Zip Code
  • Telework/Home Zip Code
  • Unique Employee ID (UEID) for teleworking staff only
  • Workday Telework Schedule: Telework, Office, Not Working for teleworking staff only

If this process is one that your organization is looking to streamline, contact us. If this process isn’t one that you are focused on at this time, but if you are interested in learning how we can apply technology to support another critical process that requires the capture of information, population of standard forms, and the ability to automate review and approval workflows, we can show you how Kiefer can help you!


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