Is your department complying with the State Telework Policy?

The State of California telework policy is enabling state workers to work remotely, but departments must also provide telework data to the California Department of General Services monthly. Kiefer is helping departments streamline processes to make reporting easier.

One of the most significant changes we have seen over the last 18 months is the number of organizations that have embraced telework. Telework allows for employees to perform the duties and responsibilities of their position from a location other than the office. Traditionally speaking, the State of California has required employees to work on-site, so the new policy presented a fundamental change in how departments across the state conduct business.

The State of California has taken significant steps to enable telework across all departments and has deployed a wide range of technology solutions to support a hybrid/remote workforce. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with deep expertise in the tools that support the modern workplace, Kiefer was working closely with many departments in 2020 to help them stay productive when employees were sent home and were unable to return to a physical office.

Telework is here to stay, but departments may still not have the tools in place to manage telework effectively.

According to the State Hybrid Workforce Dashboard, As of April 2022, 50.4% of telework eligible employees were working from home 5 days a week.

Managing Telework

In 2021, GovOPS and the California Department of General Services (DGS) established a policy (Statewide Telework Policy – 0181) to enable telework. The policy was put into effect  to provide the structure needed for effective telework programs to benefit the state of California and it’s employees.  GovOps and DGS required that all departments establish a written policy specific to the department’s business needs in accordance with this statewide policy. 

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The statewide policy also requires that a telework agreement (STD 200) be completed by any employee that is telework eligible. In April of 2022, 96 of the 145 departments in the State of California have reported telework data to DGS.  The State Hybrid Workforce Dashboard shares data from the telework agreements to highlight trends and the impact of telework.

Keeping up with the Requirements

While a lot of the work to enable telework started back in October of 2021, there are now monthly and annual requirements that are mandated by DGS and GovOps. 


Departments are required to provide telework related data and program evaluations to Department of General Services (DGS) per the Statewide Telework Policy on a monthly basis. As stated earlier in this article, there are still a number of departments that have not been able to comply with the requirement. Kiefer Consulting has successfully worked with departments in the state to leverage technology that they already own to meet the reporting requirements that are outlined in the state policy.

On a monthly basis, departments must provide the following data to DGS;

  • One-way commute miles
  • One-way commute minutes
  • Office Zip Code
  • Telework/Home Zip Code
  • Unique Employee ID (UEID) for teleworking staff only
  • Workday Telework Schedule: Telework, Office, Not Working for teleworking staff only

Telework Agreements

While many departments have been able to obtain completed Telework Agreements from all telework eligible employees, DGS will also require that departments review agreements at least annually to ensure the agreement continues to meet business needs.

Without a solution in place to facilitate the review and approval of telework agreements on an annual basis, departments may be at risk of falling out of compliance with the DGS reporting requirements. Kiefer Consulting has an app in the State Software Licensing Program (SLP) that will help departments in better managing the telework agreement process.

Features of the app include:

  • The application will allow for staff submission and capture of data pertaining to department telework agreements. 
  • The application will populate and send State Standard Form 200: Telework Agreement to the employee for eSignature and then the supervisor for final approval and eSignature. 
  • The application will allow staff to modify a previously submitted telework agreement.
  • The application can support department reporting requirements.
  • The application will provide a foundation and platform for future enhancements and value add as the department’s telework program progresses. 

If you are still trying to get a handle on the monthly reporting requirements or would like to have a solution in place to help in manage the ongoing annual requirements associated with reviewing and approving existing telework agreements, contact us.

Now that the Kiefer Telework App is in the State of California Software Licensing Program (SLP), there is an easy way to departments to easily procure the solution and get it deployed quickly!


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