Dashboards to Manage Telework Agreements

The Kiefer Telework App is built to significantly streamline the processes associated with managing telework. 

With the State of California updating the state telework policy in October 2021, departments are now working to put processes in place to manage telework, reporting on telework, and using data to identify telework trends.

In September, Kiefer formally launched the Kiefer Telework App and made the solution to departments via the State of California Software Licensing Program (SLP). The solution was originally designed to streamline and automate the processes related to completing, reviewing, approving, and archiving telework agreements. Since the solution is built on Microsoft 365, our team of developers enabled the solution to extract data from the agreements and present key metrics on a dashboard. The seamless integration of the Telework App and Microsoft Power BI makes evaluating and managing telework easier for departments with staff that is working remotely.

Using Microsoft Power BI to evaluate telework

Microsoft Power BI provides organizations with a tool that allows stakeholders to quickly evaluate performance and trends. The dashboards that we have built to support the telework app enable managers to track telework at the department level. In addition, data can be quickly extracted from telework agreements and sent to the California Department of General Services (DGS). 

Executive dashboard for managing telework agreements

We have built several dashboards that present telework data. This view offers a snapshot for managers and allows them to quickly determine the number of employees in the department that are remote centered vs. office centered. The dashboard also has a visualization that enables the viewer to quickly assess employee location by weekday. This is a good example of an executive dashboard because it offers a comprehensive overview while quickly bringing attention to areas that may require attention. Dashboards like this one can help in analyzing trends and patterns.

Management Dashboards

Quickly review “Agreement Status”

This may look more of a table than a dashboard, but it can be an effective way for managers to quickly identify the employees with a “missing” or “out for signature” telework agreement status. We made it easy for users of the dashboard to quickly navigate to a view that clearly calls how many agreements are incomplete and what employees are in an “incomplete” status.

Why are agreements “incomplete”?

Slicing and Dicing

One of the benefits of having data available on an interactive dashboard, is the user’s ability to filter data and evaluate performance at a micro level. In this example, we navigate to a dashboard that tells is by division, how many “signed” telework agreements we have, and how many agreements are in an “incomplete” status.

Signed telework agreements by Division

Kiefer’s Telework App is not only helping organizations in managing the telework agreement process, it is also helpful in providing key pieces of data to DGS. DGS is currently requiring that departments provide the following information each month –

  • One-way commute miles
  • One-way commute minutes
  • Office Zip Code
  • Telework/Home Zip Code
  • Unique Employee ID (UEID) for teleworking staff only
  • Workday Telework Schedule: Telework, Office, Not Working for teleworking staff only

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the Kiefer Telework App or the Telewoek App dashboards (powered by Microsoft Power BI), please contact us! We’d be happy to set up a meeting with our team of experts.


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