Establishing a “center of excellence” for citizen development

A “center of excellence” is a dedicated team or group within an organization that is responsible for promoting and supporting a particular area of expertise or focus. With the advancement of citizen development and the availability of new tools like PowerApps, Power Automate, and Power BI, the concept of a center of excellence (CoE) to enable citizen development is of interest to many organizations. 

Microsoft has recognized that citizen development is a departure for many organizations. I.T. has typically owned the ability to develop and deploy technology solutions, but with citizen development, the power to improve processes sits with non-professional programmers, such as business users, to build custom applications. Microsoft has even created a CoE “Starter Kit” to help organizations establish an internal group that can promote citizen development.

Download the infographic here.

The CoE Starter Kit is a template that might not match every organization’s requirements, so we recommend that you extend the solution to fit your organization’s requirements as defined by your CoE.

Here are the4 tools that Microsoft provides for establishing a CoE.

Define goals and expected outcomes of your CoE

Gain insights into your Microsoft Power Platform adoption

Establish audit and compliance processes 

Accelerate your adoption by thriving with a community of makers

Establishing a center of excellence for citizen development is a good idea for several reasons. Here are a few.

Dedicated Team

A CoE can help to build expertise and knowledge around citizen development within the organization. A dedicated team that is focused on citizen development and is knowledgeable about the tools and best practices of citizen development is key to an organizations success. A CoE can foster a culture of collaboration by sharing a vision for citizen development and by providing expertise with others within the organization.

A Need for Best Practices

A CoE can help in standardizing and promoting the use of best practices for citizen development within the organization. By establishing a set of guidelines and standards for citizen development, the CoE can ensure that applications built by citizen developers are consistent, reliable, and secure. This can help to reduce the risk of technical errors or security breaches, and can make it easier for citizen developers to share and collaborate on their work.

Driving Innovation

By establishing a CoE, organizations can help drive innovation and experimentation. A dedicated space to support citizen development encourages business users to try out new ideas and approaches, leading to more creative and effective solutions. A CoE can also help in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning, as citizen developers are able to iterate and refine their applications based on feedback and experimentation.

Establishing a CoE for citizen development can help organizations to harness the power of non-professional programmers and unlock a wealth of untapped talent and creativity. A CoE can provide users with the dedicated support and expertise that is needed to truly enable citizen developers to build more effective and innovative solutions. Kiefer can help you in leveraging the modern toolkit for citizen development and help you in building a robust CoE. Contact us to learn more 


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