PowerApps can simplify the review and approve process

Microsoft Power Platform allows organizations to create custom solutions for their specific business needs, including process automation and improvement.

We have built several PowerApps that were designed to help organizations automate routing, review, and approval processes. One example of the features and functionality of this type of solution is the Kiefer Telework App. The app we designed to manage telework has been recognized across the state as a practical and efficient way to manage telework agreements.

While this example is helpful in introducing clients to what is possible to telework, we like to reinforce that this is just an example that could inspire organizations to consider PowerApps as a potential solution for other legacy processes that require the routing, review, and approval.

It is not unusual for these processes to be dependent upon e-mail. Unfortunately, when these processes lack automation, it is challenging to assess where specific items might have “stalled out” in your review/approval process.

Here are some ways that Power Platform can be used to improve review and approval processes: 

Automating routing:

Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) can be used to automate the routing of documents or other items for review and approval. This can help to streamline the process and ensure that items are routed to the correct individuals in a timely manner. 

Providing a centralized location for review and approval:

Power Apps can be used to create custom business apps that provide a centralized location for review and approval processes. This can help to ensure that all relevant information is in one place and that there is a clear record of who has reviewed and approved items. 

Our telework helps organizations manage a standard form process and provides reporting capabilities.

Enabling electronic signatures:

Power Automate can be used to integrate with electronic signature providers such as DocuSign, allowing users to sign documents electronically as part of the review and approval process. 

Allowing users to access and review items from anywhere:

Power Platform solutions can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing users to review and approve items from anywhere. 

Providing real-time status updates:

Power Platform solutions can provide real-time updates on the status of review and approval processes, giving users visibility into where items are in the process and when they can expect them to be completed. 

Kiefer Consulting can help you leverage this powerful toolset and improve legacy review/approve processes. We can also help you in establishing a center of excellence and work with you in building a culture that embraces the tools and the vision or modernizing the workplace.


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