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At the recent California Public Sector CIO Academy hosted by Government Technology, a panel of public sector CIOs and industry I.T. vendors discussed hybrid work and how their organization is approaching this new way of working. According to the panel, transparency, flexibility and mutual trust are key but typically, adjusting to hybrid work is not a one-size-fits-all venture.

Kiefer Consulting has been helping organizations in both the public and private sector leverage technology to enable workers to collaborate and communicate. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner that has been promoting the benefits of the modern workplace since the introduction of cloud computing.

In mid-2020, we offered free consultations to organizations that were suddenly forced to support remote work. Those conversations helped us in better understanding the challenges that organizations were having. Our advice was welcomed and for many organizations, we simply offered guidance based on our experience. Those easy to implement best practices were key to the success of many organizations that were initially struggling to ensure continuity in their business. 

We have been following trends in hybrid work for years, but we found meaningful insights in the research that Microsoft has conducted in the space. WorkLab is a fantastic resource for IT Leaders, executive management, and HR professionals. The site offers compelling articles and podcasts that help organizations empower their workforce. 

Our new eBook: The Future of Work and How to Stay Ahead

We are happy to offer our clients and business partners a new eBook called “The Future of Work and How to Stay Ahead”. This eBook explores the impact of hybrid work on government agencies and the broader public sector landscape. The eBook provides an overview of the benefits and challenges of this new way of working and offers insights and recommendations for public sector organizations looking to embrace the future of work.

The way we work has evolved dramatically over the past several years, and it is crucial that public sector organizations adapt to this new reality to maintain productivity and ensure continuity of services. Hybrid work has become a preferred choice for many employees, offering greater flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance. At the same time, it poses unique challenges related to collaboration, communication, and data security.

We used our experience and expertise to deliver an eBook that provides a high-level overview of the future of work in the public sector. The eBook offers tools and actionable strategies that are needed to stay ahead of the curve. 

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If you are looking for advice or best practices for hybrid work adoption, this eBook may be useful in building your hybrid/remote work strategy. Kiefer can also help you in leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365 to drive effective communication and enable collaboration across the organization, regardless of where employees may be working from. Contact us to learn more about Remote and Hybrid Workforce Consulting Services.


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