Powering the Modern Workplace: The Value of Partnerships for Kiefer Consulting

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, strategic partnerships are essential for driving innovation, delivering transformative solutions, and empowering organizations to thrive. Kiefer Consulting, a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner specializing in the Modern Workplace, understands the immense value of collaborations. We deeply appreciate and value our partnerships with Microsoft, Nintex, AvePoint, Sharegate, and UBEO. These partnerships are critical to enabling the modern workplace and driving digital transformation.

Kiefer Consulting and Microsoft: A Synergistic Force

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (Modern Workplace), Kiefer Consulting’s partnership with Microsoft forms the foundation of our commitment to transforming businesses through technology. Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration solutions, including Microsoft 365 and Azure, plays a pivotal role in empowering organizations to achieve their digital goals. Kiefer Consulting’s deep expertise and experience in implementing and optimizing Microsoft technologies ensure that our clients unlock the full potential of these solutions. Through our partnership with Microsoft, we deliver secure, scalable, and innovative solutions that enhance productivity, collaboration, and seamless workflows across the modern workplace.

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AvePoint: Safeguarding and Optimizing Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Kiefer Consulting’s partnership with AvePoint underscores our commitment to providing organizations with comprehensive data protection, governance, and management solutions for Microsoft 365 environments. AvePoint’s suite of solutions offers robust capabilities for data protection, governance, and compliance, enabling organizations to securely store, manage, and protect critical data while adhering to regulatory requirements. With AvePoint, Kiefer Consulting ensures that our clients can confidently leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and data security across the modern workplace.

Sharegate: Simplifying Collaboration and Content Management

Kiefer Consulting’s partnership with Sharegate empowers organizations to simplify SharePoint and Microsoft Teams administration, migration, and governance. Sharegate’s intuitive tools enable seamless content migration, metadata management, and security configuration, ensuring organizations can effectively leverage the power of SharePoint and Teams for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through our partnership with Sharegate, Kiefer Consulting streamlines the adoption and management of these platforms, enabling clients to create modern, efficient workplaces that foster collaboration, innovation, and business growth.

Nintex: Streamlining Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

Kiefer Consulting’s partnership with Nintex, a leader in process automation and workflow management, is integral to driving operational efficiency in the modern workplace. Nintex’s powerful workflow automation platform empowers organizations to automate repetitive tasks, streamline approval processes, and create customized workflows without the need for extensive coding. By leveraging Nintex’s solutions, Kiefer Consulting enables clients to optimize their workflows, reduce manual effort, and achieve significant productivity gains across their entire organization. This partnership with Nintex ensures that organizations have the tools and expertise to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and enhance their overall efficiency.

UBEO: Optimizing Print and Document Solutions

In the digital age, print and document management solutions remain critical to efficient business operations. Kiefer Consulting’s partnership with UBEO allows us to deliver comprehensive managed print services, workflow automation, and document management solutions. UBEO’s industry-leading technologies and services enable organizations to optimize their print infrastructure, enhance document security, and improve overall efficiency. By partnering with UBEO, Kiefer Consulting ensures that clients have access to cutting-edge print and document management solutions that align with the modern workplace’s evolving needs.

Prodigy Consulting: Helping Clients get to the Cloud

Kiefer Consulting is thrilled to partner with Prodigy Consulting, a leading Microsoft-focused consulting firm based in Sacramento, CA. Prodigy Consulting brings a wealth of experience aas it relates to leveraging the cloud and Azure. Together, our partnership helps organizations navigate their digital transformation journey, aligning technology solutions with strategic goals to drive business success. Prodigy Consulting’s local presence in Sacramento enables us to provide personalized and responsive support to clients in the region, further strengthening our commitment to empowering the modern workplace.

Together with our esteemed partners, Kiefer Consulting is committed to delivering innovative, tailored solutions that transform organizations, enhance productivity, and foster collaboration in the modern workplace. These partnerships exemplify our dedication to providing exceptional value and empowering our clients to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Contact is to learn more about how Kiefer and our partners can help you in modernize the workplace.


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