Self-Evaluation: Assess Your Intranet

Check out Kiefer’s Self-Evaluation. Depending upon your score, you may be ready to modernize your intranet!

This assessment will help you understand the capabilities of a SharePoint intranet and assess your current intranet’s features. Please select all the functionalities you can currently perform with your intranet. Afterward, we’ll provide an overview of where your intranet stands on our assessment scale and offer recommendations for improvement.

Select the features and capabilities of your current intranet.

  1. Document sharing and collaboration
  2. Real-time co-authoring of documents
  3. Version control for documents
  4. Team collaboration spaces/sites
  5. Customizable team pages
  6. Centralized document repository
  7. Advanced search and content discovery
  8. Integration with Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, etc.)
  9. Business process automation (workflows)
  10. News and announcements distribution
  11. Personalized dashboards for employees
  12. Employee profiles and directory
  13. Mobile-friendly responsive design
  14. Integration with external tools and apps
  15. Analytics and usage insights
  16. Task and project management tools
  17. Secure access control and permissions
  18. Integration with email and calendars
  19. Discussion boards or forums
  20. Polls and surveys
  21. Social collaboration features (likes, comments)
  22. Employee onboarding resources
  23. Integration with communication tools (Teams, Skype)
  24. Customizable navigation and branding
  25. Document approval workflows
  26. Employee recognition and awards

Assessment and Next Steps:

Based on the number of functionalities you have selected, here’s an overview of your intranet’s current state:

  • 0 – 6 Capabilities: Your intranet is limited in its capabilities and might not be fully meeting your organization’s collaboration and communication needs. Consider exploring a modern intranet solution like SharePoint to enhance your intranet experience.
  • 7 – 12 Capabilities: Your intranet has a decent range of capabilities, but there’s room for improvement. You are likely experiencing some level of collaboration and engagement, but exploring a solution like SharePoint could significantly enhance your intranet’s potential.
  • 13 – 22 Capabilities: You have a robust set of intranet capabilities that support collaboration, communication, and productivity. Your intranet is likely contributing well to your organization’s goals. However, exploring SharePoint could help you reach an even higher level of effectiveness and engagement.
  • 23 – 26 Capabilities: Congratulations! Your intranet is offering a comprehensive range of features that promote collaboration, communication, and productivity across your organization. You are likely experiencing significant benefits from your intranet. Exploring SharePoint could further optimize your intranet experience and take it to the next level.

We’re here to help you maximize the potential of your intranet! If you’re interested in discussing how SharePoint can elevate your intranet experience, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our experts.

We’ll tailor our recommendations to your organization’s specific needs and explore how SharePoint can be the ideal solution to achieve your intranet goals. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current intranet or take it to the next level, we’re excited to assist you on this journey toward a more efficient and collaborative intranet experience.


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