Piecing Together the Government Transformation Puzzle: Kiefer Consulting’s Five Critical Pieces 

Government transformations grapple with fiscal responsibilities, public scrutiny, and workforce inertia. It’s analogous to assembling a complex puzzle, where each piece represents a crucial component. Absent these pieces, the puzzle remains unsolved. Let’s delve into the five critical pieces of the government transformation puzzle and explore why they are indispensable for success at Kiefer Consulting in the Public Sector. We distinguish ourselves from the findings of McKinsey’s recent survey, which revealed that 80 percent of major changes in the public sector fall short. McKinsey’s identification of the 5 C’s as the key to unlocking success is a concept long embraced by Kiefer, serving as the foundation of our success in government transformation projects for over 30 years. 

Committed Leadership: The Transformation’s Cornerstone 

At Kiefer Consulting, we echo this philosophy, valuing not just competence but also empathy, compassion, and adaptability in our leaders. As Stephen Covey aptly put it, ‘The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.’

In collaboration with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Kiefer Consulting undertook the task of modernizing their website, utilizing SharePoint 2013. This endeavor went beyond meeting technical standards; it enhanced user experience and provided a modern communication tool for the public. At Kiefer, we stand as a guiding light in every project, demonstrating our commitment and grasp of the client’s needs. In the CHP project, our proven delivery methodology ensured structured project execution, culminating in the timely and budget-compliant delivery of both the management tool and the portal, exemplifying effective project management leadership. 

Clear Purpose and Priorities: Outlining the Framework 

Sarah Webber, COO of Arizona, underscored the significance of imbuing employees with a sense of purpose and highlighted the detrimental effects of ambiguity on government transformations and employee retention. She stated, “Besides just resources, for people to continue showing up to work, providing a sense of purpose, allowing them to feel impactful and in control, is crucial.”

This perspective is not novel to Kiefer; we establish clear purposes and priorities, offering direction and structure throughout the transformation journey. McKinsey’s research corroborates the substantial impact of a well-defined purpose on success. Collaboratively, Kiefer Consulting and our clients define the transformation’s objectives and priorities, ensuring alignment and resonance. 

80 percent of major changes in the public sector fall short

McKinsey Survey

In a partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) on the California Fisheries Portal project, our goal was to establish a central repository and public interface for state-managed marine fisheries information. This initiative aimed to enhance transparency in fisheries management, streamline the dissemination of accurate information, and boost public engagement. Aaron Del Monte, IT Supervisor at CDFW, lauded the project, noting. “Communication throughout the project was stellar, and any arising challenges were swiftly identified and addressed. The Kiefer Consulting team exhibited exceptional professionalism, organization, transparency, and was a pleasure to work with. Selecting Kiefer Consulting for our project was undoubtedly the right decision.” This accomplishment was a testament to our dedicated team’s precision and commitment to excellence. 

Compelling Communication: Bridging the Divide 

The 2021 Government Transformation Survey by McKinsey identified communication-related issues as four of the top ten biggest regrets in unsuccessful transformations, suggesting that an additional 45% investment in clear communication and employee engagement could have been beneficial. Kiefer Consulting’s success in government transformation is a testament to our dedication to nurturing a robust communication funnel, encouraging employee communication, collaboration, and growth. This commitment was a key factor in our recognition as a finalist in the 2017 Best Places to Work Awards by the Sacramento Business Journal. Investing in our employees has resulted in an average tenure of 5.2 years, contributing to heightened performance. 

“Change before you have to”

Jack Welch

Capability to Change: Embracing Reconfiguration 

In government transformation, the onus of adaptability and problem-solving often rests on the employees. This is where staffing agencies typically fall short, lacking the comprehensive capability for change that is inherent to the Kiefer team. Tanhure Whiteaker, an IT Project Manager from CDFW, remarked, “They addressed our requests and adapted as necessary without compromising the overall project timeline, budget, or deliverables.

The solution developed for CDFW, and based on the Microsoft Azure platform, was enthusiastically received by our user community.” Echoing Jack Welch’s advice, “Change before you have to,” Kiefer Consulting’s technical acumen enables us to anticipate obstacles and seamlessly navigate projects to successful completion. 

Cadence and Coordination: Completing the Puzzle 

In government transformation projects, Kiefer Consulting exemplifies the principles of cadence and coordination, working harmoniously like a well-oiled rowing team. This synergy ensures integrated efforts across various stakeholders, as highlighted by McKinsey’s research, which advocates for a central team to coordinate all change-related activities. Kiefer Consulting leverages innovative digital tools, such as live dashboards, to maintain an ongoing awareness of project progress, ensuring alignment and collective advancement. 

Adopting agile methodologies, we foster cross-functional collaboration within our teams and across multiple government agencies, ensuring comprehensive stakeholder engagement. This approach echoes the cross-agency coordination demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting its efficacy in times of crisis. 

Kiefer Consulting employs agile techniques, maintains close client involvement, and establishes clear teams and deadlines, ensuring timely and impactful results. Additionally, we recognize the value of simulation planning and piloting initiatives, meticulously testing and refining transformation efforts before scaling, leading to more successful and sustainable outcomes. 

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