Project Readiness Made Simple: Free Project Readiness Assessment Template

Updated for 2023: A Dynamic Approach to Project Management

Successful projects often hinge on asking the right questions during the initiation and planning phases. The updated Project Readiness Assessment, now available as an editable Microsoft Word document, empowers project managers to facilitate open and candid conversations with project sponsors and stakeholders.

Why Use the Updated Readiness Assessment?

The 2023 version of the assessment is designed to more accurately assess and understand the likelihood of project success. Without this tool, projects face increased risks, unmanageable costs, and a higher probability of not realizing their goals.

An Essential Tool for Modern Project Managers

Kiefer Consulting has consistently improved the Project Readiness Assessment. In our latest version, we’ve incorporated feedback from experienced project management practitioners, ensuring alignment with contemporary project delivery best practices. This refinement enhances our ability to achieve successful, realistic outcomes in line with project charters.

Evaluating and Scoring Project Readiness

The updated assessment method involves evaluating responses to key questions, allowing us to “score” an organization’s readiness for delivering project goals and objectives. This scoring guides necessary actions to mitigate risk effectively.

Critical Focus Areas

The assessment emphasizes:

  • Leadership Readiness
  • Technical Readiness
  • Financial Readiness
  • Staff Readiness

Understanding these areas from both a technical and employee bandwidth perspective is crucial for determining cross-functional support and the overall likelihood of project success.

For Organizations With and Without an Existing Assessment

If your organization already utilizes a Project Readiness Assessment, consider using our updated version for enhanced insights. If projects are still failing or falling short, updating your assessment with our refined questions can offer a clearer understanding of your current state and better outline your goals.

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A Living, Evolving Document

Recognizing the dynamic nature of project management, our Project Readiness Assessment is a living document. It will continue to evolve, incorporating new insights and perspectives, including those from academic discussions with Project Management students. This ensures the assessment remains relevant and effective.

Open Sharing and Continuous Improvement

By adopting this updated, more dynamic approach to project readiness assessment, organizations can significantly enhance their project management capabilities, leading to more successful outcomes and effective risk management.

We recommend the readiness assessment as a way to assess and understand the likelihood of project success. Without it, risks are high, costs are more difficult to manage, and chances that the project goals are never realized increase.

We encourage organizations to leverage the document and even more importantly, engage project stakeholders and improve upon it.


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