Summer Reading Series: Remarkable Insights for Business Transformation

As part of our Kiefer Summer Reading Infographic Series, we’re excited to present the third installment inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s thought-provoking book, “Think Remarkable.” This series has been designed to bring transformative business insights to our audience, and this latest infographic focuses on how the behaviors of remarkable people can drive significant organizational change.

Kawasaki’s book provides a rich tapestry of ideas that challenge conventional thinking and inspire innovative approaches to business. His insights are particularly relevant in today’s business environment, where agility and forward-thinking are key to staying ahead. “Think Remarkable” encourages readers to adopt behaviors and mindsets that foster creativity, resilience, and impactful leadership.

In addition to drawing inspiration from Kawasaki’s book, this project holds a special significance for us at Kiefer Consulting. Earlier this year, Brian Wallace and Ben Cox had the privilege of meeting Guy Kawasaki at the California Public Sector CIO Academy hosted by Government Technology. This event was a melting pot of innovation and leadership, providing a unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders and gain fresh perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the public sector.

Our infographic distills these high-level concepts into actionable strategies that organizations can implement to prepare for and navigate business transformations. Without giving away the details, we can assure you that the themes covered will resonate with anyone looking to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive meaningful change within their teams.

For those interested in learning more about the insights and experiences shared at the CIO Academy, we invite you to read our detailed blog post on the event. California Public Sector CIO Academy: Innovation and Leadership in Focus.

As we continue our Summer Reading Infographic Series, we encourage you to stay tuned for the final installment, which promises to wrap up our exploration of transformative business concepts with a powerful conclusion. We hope that these infographics have sparked new ideas and provided valuable insights that you can apply within your organization.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and learning. Let’s continue to think remarkable and drive positive change in our professional lives.


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