Kiefer’s Summer Reading Infographic Series: The Wisdom of Teams

Drawing inspiration from the foundational principles outlined in “The Wisdom of Teams” by Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith, our latest addition to the Kiefer Summer Reading Infographic Series provides actionable strategies for state and local governments to enhance team effectiveness and drive productivity.

As we conclude this comprehensive series that explores various facets of organizational excellence, this resource encapsulates the essence of high-performing teams. With Kiefer Consulting’s extensive experience in customizing solutions for government projects, these principles are brought to life through proven practices. Centered on key team dynamics, the infographic serves as a roadmap for government officials looking to cultivate a culture of collaboration and accountability.

Highlighted in the Infographic:

  • Small Teams, Big Impact: Opt for small, diverse teams for targeted outcomes.
  • Unified by Goals: Align team objectives with organizational goals for success.
  • Shared Accountability: Building trust through mutual responsibility leads to strong results.
  • Commitment to Collective Success: Nurture growth for lasting achievements.

Download the infographic

As we wrap up the Summer Reading Infographic Series, we express our sincere appreciation for joining us on this enlightening journey through groundbreaking business concepts. This exploration has unveiled a diverse array of strategies and principles designed to elevate organizational effectiveness and foster innovation. We believe that each infographic has not only sparked new insights but also equipped you with valuable tools to implement in your own context. Your active engagement and enthusiasm throughout this series have been incredibly motivating. Let’s carry this momentum forward, continue to think creatively, and champion positive changes in our professional circles.


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