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12 Gifts-Gift Number 1-Drag and Drop in Outlook

Published: 12/7/2018 Author: Brian Wallace

By dragging and dropping in Outlook, you can both save time and reduce errors. I've learned that there are a number of drag and drop actions in Outlook. I've learned some of these tricks by watching my colleagues in Outlook. I've also had my co-workers laugh hysterically when I go through 3 or 4 steps to schedule a meeting when it could be done in 1. It's a miracle that I haven't had the mouse stripped from my hand on more than one occasion. Here are just a few tips that can save you time in Outlook.

Drag and drop an e-mail to the contact icon to create a new contact

Drag and drop the email onto the bottom left "Contacts" symbol on the Navigation bar.  Outlook will grab contact information and will create a new contact with the email address and name automatically entered.

Drag and drop an e-mail to the calendar icon to schedule an appointment

Drag and drop the email onto the "Calendar" icon and an appointment will be created. Information from the e-mail is added to the appointment so you don't have to re-type details that might be relevant.

And yes, you can drag and drop an e-mail onto the "Tasks" or "Notes" to create a new task or note.

We'll have another gift for you on Monday! Have a great weekend.




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