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Focus on the Feature Blog: How to restore files in OneDrive for Business

Published: 1/26/2018 Author: Nick Powell

Our Focus on the Features blog highlights exciting features in the Microsoft Office 365 applications that you use every day. You may not realize that these features exist, so these blogs will hopefully shine some light on the capabilities that enable you to do more with Office 365.

Even though there are numerous safeguards in Office 365 to help you protect your data, there are occasions where files could have fallen victim to an accidental end-user deletion, file corruption, or even a malware infection.

This past week, Microsoft announced File Restore capabilities in OneDrive for Business

In a nutshell, here is what it does.

  • File Restore is a self-service recovery solution that allows users or administrators to restore files in OneDrive

  • You can restore your file from any point in time during the last 30 days

  • Users are presented with a histogram that shows activity over the last 30 days. The interface provides users with an intuitive slider to "rewind" those changes.

  • The user can then select a date range and the number of files they would like to restore. The user can then choose to restore and the files will be available in OneDrive.

This is great news for OneDrive for Business users. You can rest easy knowing that if a critical file has been deleted from OneDrive for Business, it will be recoverable. In addition, changes to a document that is being shared in OneDrive had been edited and you need to revert to a previous version. You pick the place in time, and your file returns to its state at that specific moment.

It's like a time machine!

To use File Restore, all you need to do is choose Settings and then Restore OneDrive

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