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Andy Coyle

Principal Consultant

Mr. Coyle has more than 30 years of professional Information Technology (IT) experience with the complete systems life cycle as a senior analyst, systems integrator, and applications programmer, much of it with government and public-sector clients.

Mr. Coyle has over 10 years of experience as lead business analyst for SharePoint and web-based projects.  He has led critical development of intranets, extranets, and essential business applications, including design of information architecture, site structure, and configuration of SharePoint’s features and functionalities to meet client needs.

Mr. Coyle has experience with large networks utilizing multiple protocols, topologies, languages, and designs.  He is formally educated in delivering presentations, meeting facilitation, public speaking, and technical training, with over 25 years of practical experience.  He is able to quickly draw technical conclusions from non-technical specifications and works well with diverse personalities.

Andy has worked on projects for several clients.

Blog articles by Andy Coyle

SharePoint supports two basic User Interfaces (UI) designs; The “Classic” experience, and the “Modern” experience. 

It’s not easy to change a legacy process. People often grow comfortable with their processes and any change can be viewed as a disruption.

Microsoft SharePoint supports two basic User Interfaces (UI) designs; The “Classic” experience, and the “Modern” experience.  The “Classic” experience is a highly customizable user interface that integrates SharePoint lists and libraries.  The “Modern” experience is mobile ready, (currently) limits the visual customization that can be done, makes the creators’ experience more intuitive, and makes the...