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Telework App

A Elegant Solution to Support Telework

In October 2021, the State of California published guidance to all departments related to telework.

One condition that must be met for an employee to work remotely is a signed Telework Agreement. The Telework Agreement must be signed by the teleworker and supervisor.  The Telework Agreement provides the framework for the discussion about the general expectations that need to take place between the supervisor and the employee in order to work effectively.

A solution for managing telework.
  • The Telework App is an example of a Microsoft PowerApp that leverages Microsoft 365 to automate the process of completing, routing, and submitting a Telework Agreement. 
  • This custom application can be tailored to meet the needs of departments that must adhere to the telework policies which are established by the State of California.
  • The PowerApp uses the following Microsoft technologies; PowerApps, PowerAutomate, SharePoint, Active Directory, Outlook, and Microsoft Power BI

"As departments across the state adapt to enabling a workforce that is working remotely, Kiefer can support this shift by helping organizations quickly build applications that streamline, automate and optimize processes. The Telework App is just one example of what can be done with Microsoft 365 and PowerApps."

A solution that leverages your investment in Microsoft 365

If you’d like to see the Telework App, please contact Kiefer Consulting for a demonstration.

The app can walk the user through the agreement and collect data that will be used to populate the Telework Agreement (STD. 200).

Easy to Use

The Telework App collects critical information that is used to populate the Telework Agreement (STD. 200). 

Once information is collected into the app, the app automatically generates a populated STD 200 form and e-mails it to the employee.

Using e-Signature capabilities, the employee electronically signs the document and it automatically routes to their supervisor.

Automate the Process

If your organization hasn’t explored what can be done with PowerApps, this is an application that will help  you in better understanding what is possible. The Telework Agreement is required  from workers that have been approved for remote work on an annual basis. If there are modifications to the employees telework status, a new STD 200 must be completed and signed.

The Telework Agreement can be completed on any device.

Industry Expertise and a
Proven Track Record.

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Power BI dashboards can provide real-time reporting and enable your organization to evaluate telework.

Dashboards and Reports

The Telework App collects data that can be used for workplace planning. Leverage data from STD 200 to assess:

  • Workstyles by day
  • Office capacity
  • Compliance with Telework agreement
  • Telework agreements by location