Why Hire an IT Consultant When We Can Just Do It Ourselves? 

For 34 years, Kiefer Consulting has proven that working with a quality team of consultants yields desirable results. Independence. It’s as American and baseball and apple pie. Independence is the driving force behind all the legendary stories of the nation’s birth and its westward expansion. The rugged individual going it alone looms large in the …

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The Year in Review: 2021

The year in review blog has been something that I have done since 2017. Sitting down and writing the blog is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and recount our company’s success.   Many of us looked to put the pandemic and the challenges of 2020 behind them, but the challenges we faced in 2020 did not end with the ball drop on January 1, 2021. We …

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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2021

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we look forward to Microsoft Ignite every year. At Ignite, Microsoft articulates their vision, unveils new products and enhancements, and shares meaningful perspectives on how organizations and individuals will leverage the Microsoft suite to improve communication and collaboration.