Construction Management Solutions Practice

Our Construction Management Solutions are proven to be indispensable for firms that are managing scope, schedule and budget. With deep expertise in program and project control, the Construction Management Solutions practice helps organizations improve the management of information with feature-rich reporting capabilities.

Our practice truly understands the construction management industry and has been successful in delivering comprehensive, customized solutions that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional construction management software solution.

Our solutions are scalable, compatible with industry-leading construction management solutions, and deliver insights unlike out-of-the-box program and project control solutions.

Construction Management Solutions Service Offerings

Customized Program & Project Control Solutions

Over the past 5 years, Kiefer Consulting has partnered with multiple clients to develop new and innovative solutions to support program and project management for construction projects. With experience in document and records management, collaboration and corporate portals, business intelligence, custom workflows, and application development, we have the expertise in the areas that can have a significant impact on your program and project management efforts. The Kiefer Program and Project Control Solution for Construction Management allows organizations to manage projects and keep a close eye on Scope, Schedule, Budget, and Risks from a single management portal.

Data Integration and Consolidation

Kiefer has built a solution that provides improved access to critical project information. Making information accessible and easy to locate is what sets the Kiefer solution apart. We have worked closely with clients to build portals that aggregate data from disparate systems and provide critical metrics in a single dashboard

Dashboard Development and Custom Visualizations

The Kiefer solution makes data readily available to all levels of a project team. Staff can consume and drill into data to facilitate decision making and identify areas for improvement. Meaningful visualizations of key project metrics and trends. Dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of project performance. Custom reporting capabilities are built to your requirements. Users can review performance at the project level or have us design program reporting capabilities.

Data Analysis

The Kiefer Program and Project Control Solution for Construction Management allows organizations to manage projects and keep a close eye on data related Scope, Schedule, Budget, and Risks from a single project management portal. Dashboard allow you see trends, anomalies, and relationships that are difficult to ascertain using non-standard reporting methods.

Powered by Microsoft

Each program and project control solution Kiefer has built has been customized. When you work with the Kiefer team, you are working with consultants who have a deep understanding of the technology and experience working with clients in the construction management space.

Our team of designers and developers work closely with clients to build a site that meets brand standards and delivers an outstanding user experience.

Learn more about our solution by downloading the program & project control solution brochure.

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Graphic showing the software Kiefer uses to build a program and project control portal
Sample Kiefer Program Project Control Portal

Let's work together!

We work closely with partners in the construction management industry that want to bring a unique value-add to their client. Our Microsoft-based solution has been leveraged to win new business and differentiate in competitive situations. We currently have bandwidth to work with a few select partners. Contact us to see a demo and discuss opportunities to work together.

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Construction Management Solution Articles

Over the past 5 years, the Kiefer team has been helping clients manage project-related data for large-scale construction projects. The solution is a customized collaboration portal that stakeholders can access to see performance, issues, trends, and documents that are related to the project.

In August, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to clarify how government agencies could accept signatures on documents electronically. Brown signed Assembly A.B. 2296, which is designed to set clear standards around how state and local agencies can use both electronic and digital signatures. Read the article

As you may have heard, this year, Kiefer Consulting is celebrating being in business for 30 years. Yes. That’s right. 30 years!

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