Since 1988, Kiefer Consulting has been focused on the simple premise that we succeed when our customers succeed.

Kiefer Consulting does this by helping customers meet their business goals through the effective use of technology – whether that’s solving difficult business problems, helping achieve financial targets, or gaining new insights into processes or relationships.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our customers realize their goals and come away from the experience delighted and asking for more.

Modern Workplace

Our Modern Workplace consulting practice develops and deploys innovative solutions that improve how organizations communicate and share information both internally and externally.

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Modern Workplace Services
Data Analytics and Visualization Services

Data Analytics and Visualization

Our Data Analytics and Visualization consulting practice builds sophisticated, yet practical tools that allow organizations to better interact with their data and enables the extraction of meaningful insights.

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Data Migration & Cloud Services

The Data Migration and Cloud Services consulting practice has expertise in helping organizations move data to the cloud as well as determining what applications could benefit from cloud-hosting.

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Migration and Cloud Services
Construction Management Solutions

Construction Management Solutions

With deep-expertise in program and project control, the Construction Management Solutions consulting practice helps organizations improve the management of information with feature-rich reporting capabilities.

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Image of a Kiefer Proprietary Maturity Roadmap

Proven Methodology for Successful Project Delivery

Whenever an organization decides to improve a process or adopt new technologies, they must prepare for the impending change. Kiefer has a proven process and a unique toolkit for helping clients understand their maturity levels and project readiness. We use Kiefer Maturity Roadmaps and The Kiefer Project Readiness Assessment in nearly every engagement to help organizations identify goals and uncover potential barriers to success.

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