Data Migration and Cloud Services

Our Data Migration and Cloud Services practice can help your organization move data and applications to the cloud to reduce costs and complexity, and achieve efficiency and scalability.

The Data Migration and Cloud Services consulting practice has expertise in helping organizations move data to the cloud and determining what applications could benefit from cloud hosting. We have successfully assisted clients in moving large volumes of data to cloud platforms and have helped organizations take advantage of the computing power offered by the Microsoft cloud.

Our team of consultants can help your organization build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services through Microsoft’s worldwide data centers. We can help you in reducing your spend on physical infrastructure and support you in leveraging Microsoft Azure.

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Examples of projects that have been led by Kiefer’s team of consultants include;
  • Migration Services
  • SharePoint on-premise to
    SharePoint Online
  • PowerBI on-premise to PowerBI
  • SharePoint on-premise to
    SharePoint Azure
  • Custom .NET solutions to Azure
  • Cloud Based Development
  • IAAS/PAAS Services
  • Mobile Development

We can help you with your data migration or cloud services project