Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kiefer Consulting located?

The Kiefer Consulting main office is located in Folsom, CA. Our address in 13405 Folsom Blvd. Suite #501, Folsom, CA 95630. Our phone number is (916) 932-7220.

Is Kiefer Consulting able to do business with the State of California?

Kiefer Consulting is certified to do business with the State of California. We have a current CMAS.

Does Kiefer Consulting have a Master Services Agreement (MSA)?

Yes. Kiefer Consulting has an MSA.

Where can I learn more about what Kiefer does?

Kiefer has 3 practice areas that enable clients to do more with Microsoft products. You can learn more here.

What does Kiefer specialize in?

Kiefer has 3 practice areas. You can learn more about our services by going to

Kiefer has an award-winning Modern Workplace practice with a team of SharePoint and Office 365 experts. Our Data Analytics and Visualization practice has expertise in Excel, SSRS, and Power BI. OurPower Platform practice can help organizations leverage Microsoft Power Platform.

Do you have solutions for construction management?

Indeed! You can learn more about our solutions for Program and Project Control at

Is Kiefer Consulting a Certified Small Business?

Kiefer is a Certified Small Business / Microbusiness. Our Small Business number is 7149.

Does Kiefer Consulting resell software?

Yes. Kiefer is certified to sell Nintex, AvePoint, Sharegate, AvePoint, and Brightwork. We have partnerships with industry-leading third-party software manufacturers.

Who are Kiefer Consulting’s clients?

We have worked with numerous state agencies, including, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Covered California, CalHR, The California Department of Justice, the California State Lands Commission, and the California Highway Patrol.

Why do organizations hire consultants?

The most common reasons to use a consultant include:

  • To fill short-term staffing needs
  • To fill roles until the permanent staff is placed
  • The organization requires specialized knowledge and experience
  • Support for “non-core” business offerings
  • To procure products and services that are already developed and will meet the needs of the business
Do you have references?

A successful track record of on-time delivery has resulted in a number of appreciative clients. We have numerous references that we can share with you.

Do you accept Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers?

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and are able to accept software assurance vouchers to support technology deployments and drive adoption.

Does your team work onsite?

We work onsite, however, we have proven remote delivery works for most clients and is more economical. We work closely with clients through each stage of a project to understand requirements, identify opportunities, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

What are your rates?

We typically deliver services under a time & materials agreement. We leverage the collective expertise of the Kiefer team to provide our clients with the most qualified resources. Some of our projects are fixed-bid agreements, however, we are extremely selective when choosing to do this type of work. We can provide a rate sheet upon request that provides hourly rates by role.

How long does a consulting engagement last?

The length of a consulting project varies and is based on a variety of factors including:

  • Budget
  • Size of the organization or team
  • Scope of the project

We have worked with clients for as little as a few weeks to provide assessments and training. A majority of our engagements are long-term and last 6 months to 1 year.

Does your team travel?

We are diligent about keeping costs down. In order to do this, we limit travel as much as possible. We leverage technology to collaborate virtually and deliver services remotely.

We recognize that in some cases, travel might be required. We work closely with the client to determine how to most effectively deliver the project.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. We often meet with clients to discuss the challenges they are facing and share our expertise. The consultation allows the client to see our team in action and provides them with an opportunity to determine whether or not we are the right organization to help them reach their goals.

What makes the Kiefer team different?

Unique in our markets served, we bring a team of experts to each engagement. From certified SCRUM Masters and PMPs to AIIM certified Information Architects and MCSEs, we bring a team of experienced analysts, architects, developers and leaders to each engagement. Whereas others might staff for a project, our turnkey services harness the power of employees who have previously worked together on teams to deliver solutions.

Are you hiring?

You can learn more about job openings at Kiefer by visiting our CAREERS page.

What is the Simple Solution Suite?

The Kiefer Simple Solutions Suite is a collection of solutions that transform how state agencies work. We recognize that all agencies do things differently, but our deep understanding of the common processes allow us to work collaboratively with your agency to deploy a solution that empowers users and digitally transforms legacy workflows. You can learn more at

What does the modern workplace practice focus on?

Our Modern Workplace consulting practice develops and deploys innovative solutions that improve how organizations communicate and share information.

Do you provide training services?

Kiefer can help your organization increase user adoption. We accept Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers and can also work with you to design an engagement that helps your organization implement Office 365 and Microsoft applications.

Talk to the Experts

Contact Kiefer Consulting to talk to our team of experts. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and Azure.