Kiefer Consulting has been doing business with state and local government since 1988.

We have all contract vehicles in place to work with public sector clients. To learn more about the contract vehicles that are used in the State of California, check out the California Department of General Services website.

If you are in the public sector and can’t find what you need on our website, please contact us at (916) 932-7220 or

Logo for California Multiple Award Schedules - CMAS

California Multiple Awards Schedule

Kiefer is a CMAS (California Multiple Award Schedules) contractor.

In addition to IT consulting services, several products (including Nintex, DocuSign, and AvePoint) are offered through an agreement with the state of California, and we are able to offer these solutions through CMAS.

CMAS# #3-18-70-0506N
Logo for California Small Business Certification

Small Business Certified

Kiefer is a Certified Small Business. State agencies and departments with a small business participation requirement have worked with Kiefer to meet participation goals.

In 2019, Kiefer Consulting was a finalist (Contractor of the Year) in the US Small Business Administration (Sacramento District Office) Small Business Awards.

Small Business Certification #7149
Logo for California Department General Services with the words Master Services Agreement on the icon

DGS: Master Services Agreement

Kiefer Consulting has a Master Services Agreement (MSA) and is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 I.T. services contractor. We have provided the California Department of General Services with 25 roles, or “classifications,” and rates for each role.

MSA# 516 7010-113

Procurement Professionals: It is easy to do business with Kiefer Consulting

For additional information, download the one-page flyer to learn more about Kiefer and why state and local government agencies choose to work with us.

Share our services with your I.T. Department and keep Kiefer in mind when your organization has a project that aligns with the Kiefer portfolio.

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is an open standard taxonomy of products and services that serves a system of classification of products and services that are bought and sold. See a list of UNSPSCs that match our portfolio below.


UNSPSC Classifications

43232200Content management software
43232201Content workflow software
43232202Document management software
43232203File versioning software
43232400Development software
43232403Enterprise application integration software
43232405Object or component oriented development software
43232407Requirements analysis and system architecture software
43232408Web platform development software
80101504Strategic planning consultation services
80101507Information technology consultation services
80101508Business intelligence consulting services
80101600Project management
81110000Computer services
81111500Software or hardware engineering
81111504Application programming services
81111506Client or server programming services
81111509Internet or intranet client application development services
81111510Internet or intranet server application development services
81111600Computer programmers
81111601Programming for Visual Basic
81111603Programming for HTML
81111700Management information systems MIS
81111704Database design
81111705Systems architecture
81111806Database analysis service
81111810Software coding service
81111820System usability services
81112103World wide web WWW site design services
81112200Software maintenance and support
81112214Content authoring and editing software maintenance
81112215Content management software maintenanc

Contract Vehicles

Kiefer has contract vehicles for services (CMAS) and the California Software License Program (SLP). Click to download

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