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When you partner with Kiefer Consulting, you’re bringing innovation, technical expertise and an award-winning track record to your organization. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we are committed to cloud and enterprise solutions that streamline communication, foster collaboration and deliver value to the customers and constituents you serve.

Our team couples the experience of large firms with the agility of a small business to deliver astounding results. We provide key engagement options that will help your organization, regardless of where you are in the delivery cycle. From initial assessment and strategy development, to augmenting your team or even providing full-lifecycle project delivery, we consistently deliver world-class results.

​Discovery and Assessment

We begin by assessing your current business and technical environments and help plan the next steps to get you on your way. The initial phase of our Client-First Implementation Methodology focuses on framing the overall vision and direction.
Through research, analysis and discussions with specific stakeholder groups, we work with you to assess and confirm your organization’s needs and objectives, define and document the high-level system architecture, and prepare a roadmap for implementation. While this first step is critical for any implementation, we also offer it as a standalone service to help your organization prioritize, plan and prepare for a subsequent design and implementation effort.

Office 365/SharePoint Strategy & Roadmap

Whether you’re planning a corporate intranet, extranet portal or a public website, the design and implementation needs to align with your business objectives and end-user expectations. We combine experience with implementing complex SharePoint solutions and user-centric design to develop an appropriate SharePoint strategy. By aligning site structure, features, user audiences and metrics, we ensure that your technology solutions deliver measurable value.

Business Process Improvement

Part of developing an effective technology strategy is to assess current business processes and identify opportunities to improve them. With workflows, for example, we offer guidance on modernizing and automating processes in the digital workplace. But we also help you develop strategies for improving the ways people collaborate and store, exchange and share information.

Migrations & Upgrades

Replacing an old content management system is a complex process that requires expertise and strategy. Whether you’re moving business information out of an inefficient file-share or upgrading from an earlier version of SharePoint to the latest, our refined methodology results in an effective SharePoint strategy that helps you get the greatest benefit from your digital workplace.

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services are one of the great, yet underutilized benefits of Microsoft Software Assurance. Through 1 to 15 day planning service engagements, we are able to provide insight, training, planning and even full-blown project delivery engagements at no additional cost to you. Kiefer Consulting is the only firm based in Northern California authorized to provided these services. 

​Team Augmentation

Have you ever found yourself thinking, if only we had
...a great Information Architect experienced BI expert
.........a SharePoint branding expert
............or other unique specialty skills to complement your team?

Having invested in education, career development and mentoring initiatives, our team members are ready to apply their specialty skills to enhance and become part of your team.  Our experts are experienced in leading, mentoring and augmenting customer teams. We can provide niche subject matter expertise around key Microsoft technologies including SharePoint, Microsoft business intelligence and enterprise search technologies.

From our CEO delivering PMP bootcamp training sessions, to Associate consultants training over 700 users on a new system rollout, knowledge transfer and education are a part of our culture.  We bring this passion to your engagement, which fosters long-term success.


​Technical Support & User Adoption Services

​Supporting Your Team, Your Office 365 & SharePoint Solutions

Whether you’re deploying Office 365 or a SharePoint implementation, supporting your business infrastructure is no simple matter. You want to eliminate technical issues that adversely affect uptime and overall performance, while also providing SharePoint expertise to minimize user frustration and drive adoption.

Our user adoption and support services have the Office 365 and SharePoint expertise necessary to keep your users happy and productive.

Managed Services & Support

At Kiefer Consulting, we know that deploying a new on-premise or cloud solution is just the beginning. The point in which your investment of time, energy and sometimes even sweat starts to pay off.

To maximize your return on investment, technology needs to be monitored, maintained and supported. We can provide the ongoing maintenance and support needed to ensure long-term success. From having our infrastructure experts perform monthly health-checks to adding a few small features, having a trusted partner only a phone call or Skype message away can make a world of difference. Augmenting your staff with our resources helps your internal IT team become more responsive to users and accelerates the delivery of enhancement requests.

​Full Project Delivery

​Innovation Delivered.

The foundation of our shared success is over 25 years of full lifecycle project delivery.  We have extensive experience in building solutions on Microsoft technologies including SharePoint, Office 365, mobile, Sitecore, business intelligence and custom enterprise applications.

Team Based Approach

Unique in our markets served, we bring a team of experts to each engagement.  From certified SCRUM Masters and PMPs to AIIM certified Information Architects and MCSEs, we bring a team of experienced analysts, architects, developers and leaders to each engagement.  Whereas others might staff for a project, our turnkey services harness the power of employees who have previously worked together on teams to deliver solutions.

We can provide you with the full range of skills to build your new solution. We work with the business to build the strategy, user requirements and engagement plan, in addition to working with the technical team to architect and build the technical environments.

Dedicated Engagement team

We always provide you with an engagement manager and project team to ensure your project runs smoothly. As your first point of contact they are there to look after you and your business and ensure a first class customer experience with Kiefer Consulting.

Our Approach

Agile by nature, structured by proven methods, our delivery methodology has been honed through years of practice and refined by over 600 delivered solutions.


Envision business solution, requirements and stakeholders served

The initial phase of a project includes gathering the customers insights and viewpoints about their current system, opportunities for improvement and long-term vision.

This incudes gathering existing requirements, process flow and feedback.  This is the initial step to understanding the customer’s challenges and how technology can improve business processes.


Define conceptual solution architecture, requirements, roadmap, scope and delivery plan

The most critical step in the project lifecycle, focused on capturing the scope of the project, this phase is initiated by a fit-gap assessment, which maps requirements to technical solutions and drives project scope.

Once the scope is identified, then plans can be put in place to ensure the successful delivery of the project.


Build tailored business solutions that provide insights, improve decisions, and increase organizational agility

Delivery Model Focused on: Individuals and their interactions; Delivering working software; Customer collaboration; Responding to change.

​Optimal Development Cycle: 2 Week sprints, delivering fully functional components + 1 release sprint, including integration and acceptance; 6-8 week release cycle - education, knowledge transfer and testing occurs throughout.

Deliver user training, adoption program and functional business solutions

Provide Training based on user role- Administrator, Site Owners and Information Workers
Communication - Stakeholder appropriate methods and channels
Go Live - Open up the new solution to all parties involved.
Support - Provide support to all levels of users from Site Owners to Information Workers


Celebrate deployment and ensure long term success

Following successful deployment of a project, we facilitate closeout activities the ensure high-levels of user adoption, continuous process improvement and facilitate the right long term governance.


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