Software solutions that extend the capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Kiefer Consultants have built a suite of collaborative software solutions for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams that connect people, data, and processes. These software solutions solve for everyday business challenges in both the public and private sector. 

Learn more about the products that are modernizing processes and transforming the way that people work.

Kiefer’s portfolio of products are built for rapid-deployment in your existing Microsoft 365 environment. We build on the core capabilities of the Microsoft 365 platform and help organizations automate, optimize, and streamline critical business processes.


Our software solutions are built using a solution framework that includes critical components and features. 


Every solution we deploy requires a level of customization. Our team of experienced developers customize the solution to meet the unique needs of your organization.


We have a proven methodology to help clients get our software solutions into production quickly. 

We are a service provider, first and foremost. But, we realize that there are certain business challenges that are consistent across industries. Our suite of rapidly-deployable software solutions for Microsoft 365 help our clients leverage their investment and work more efficiently.
Streamline the Telework Agreement (STD 200) process.

The Kiefer Telework App

The Kiefer Telework App collects critical information that is used to populate the Telework Agreement (STD. 200). 

Once information is collected into the app, the app automatically generates a populated STD 200 form and e-mails it to the employee.

Using e-Signature capabilities, the employee electronically signs the document and it automatically routes to their supervisor.

Simple Solutions

Many departments in state and local government are trying to become more efficient, aiming to improve processes, and seeking ways to better leverage their technology investments. Let’s start small and get the results you are looking for… fast. The Kiefer Simple Solution Suite is a unique portfolio of solutions that Kiefer has built and refined for clients. Our understanding of state business processes allows us to build simple solutions that help agencies achieve their desired business outcomes.

Kiefer Consulting Simple Solutions Logo
Logo for Kiefer Review & Approve Solution in the Simple Solution Suite

The Kiefer Review & Approve Solution simplifies the process of routing information for internal review and approval. This innovative solution transforms a traditionally manual and paper-based workflow into a fully digital one. Internal stakeholders have improved visibility to where certain documents are in the approval workflow.

Logo for Kiefer's Public Records Act Request Solution

The Kiefer Public Records Act (PRA) Request Solution simplifies the process of requesting information and minimizes the burden associated with the fulfillment and delivery of public information. We’ve leveraged a proven and reliable technology platform to accelerate processes associated with PRA requests and fulfillment.

The Kiefer Request for Personnel Action (RPA ) Solution for State Government streamlines the RPA process and brings efficiency to a task that has traditionally been paper-based, slow, and cumbersome. The Kiefer RPA Solution can help agencies work more efficiently and expedite personnel actions.