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Simple Solution Suite

Many agencies are trying to become more efficient, aiming to improve processes, and seeking ways to better leverage their technology investments. Let’s start small and get the results you are looking for… fast. The Kiefer Simple Solution Suite is a unique portfolio of solutions that Kiefer has built and refined for clients. Our understanding of state business processes allows us to build simple solutions that help agencies achieve their desired business outcomes.

We can help your department automate critical processes by leveraging Nintex and a consulting team that understands digital business process transformation.

The Kiefer Simple Solutions Suite is a collection of solutions that transform how state agencies work. We recognize that all agencies do things differently, but our deep understanding of the common processes allow us to work collaboratively with your agency to deploy a solution that empowers users and digitally transforms legacy workflows.

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The Kiefer Review & Approve Solution simplifies the process of routing information for internal review and approval. This innovative solution transforms a traditionally manual and paper-based workflow into a fully digital one. Internal stakeholders have improved visibility to where certain documents are in the approval workflow.

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The Kiefer Public Records Act (PRA) Request Solution simplifies the process of requesting information and minimizes the burden associated with the fulfillment and delivery of public information. We’ve leveraged a proven and reliable technology platform to accelerate processes associated with PRA requests and fulfillment.

The Kiefer Request for Personnel Action (RPA ) Solution for State Government streamlines the RPA process and brings efficiency to a task that has traditionally been paper-based, slow, and cumbersome. The Kiefer RPA Solution can help agencies work more efficiently and expedite personnel actions.

Instant Intranet for
State Government

Kiefer leverages a sophisticated toolkit that helps an organization launch an intranet in weeks as opposed to months. Kiefer’s Instant Intranet for State Government provides staff with business critical information and the information they need to work efficiently. Kiefer has helped clients build sites that look great, drive engagement and satisfy users.

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More about the Kiefer Simple Solutions Suite

If your critical business processes are slow and inefficient, you may need some help in optimizing and automating. In this webinar, we uncover the 5 signs that your workflow needs improving. We share examples and show how organizations have transformed their processes to be more efficient. Click here to see the full 30 minute webinar where we’ll explain the benefits of business process automation and show you how to identify the signs that your workflow needs to be improved!

We have often encountered processes that require multiple staff members to review, approve, and route documents to numerous stakeholders across an organization.

Kiefer has successfully deployed a  simple and effective alternative to the manual routing and approval of critical business documents.

Click here to download a one-page overview of the Kiefer Review and Approve Solution.