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Kiefer Consulting is a
Microsoft Gold Partner

Kiefer Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner. In order to earn Microsoft Gold competencies, Microsoft partners must demonstrate proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business.

Kiefer Consulting has a strong track record of successful implementations, proven expertise in Microsoft platforms, and a minimum number of employees who’ve earned certifications in their areas of competency

An interview with Gregory Kiefer

We sat down with Kiefer CEO, Greg Kiefer, to discuss the Kiefer relationship with Microsoft and the importance of the partnership.

Greg Kiefer: “We are a Microsoft partner because we believe in the products and the Microsoft approach to improving collaboration and communication in the enterprise. We have a great relationship with the local Microsoft team and work well together.”

Greg Kiefer: “In 2001, Kiefer became a recognized leader in .NET and it strengthened our relationship with the local Microsoft team. During that time, we started a series called the Kiefer Edunar Series. We were hosting educational events and really bringing the community up to speed. It was a very exciting time and we really built a strong reputation in the Sacramento area. Kiefer was doing a fantastic job of establishing ourselves as the right company to work with.”

“We did it all over again in 2007. Users across the public sector were interested in learning more about SharePoint and were looking for expertise. We started hosting what we called, SharePoint Exchange. These events featured thought leaders and experts from all over the SharePoint community. These events predated SharePoint Saturday and helped Kiefer grow interest in SharePoint across the greater Sacramento area.”

“Even to this day we actively support the user community and establish new groups like the Public Sector I.T Leadership Meetup and Business Intelligence Sacramento to educate, share, and engage those in the community that are looking to network or learn.”

Greg Kiefer: “The relationship with Microsoft is great and we couldn’t be more excited about the direction that Microsoft has taken since the introduction of Office 365. The progressive and innovative movement at Microsoft is exciting for organizations like ours. We have found that not only are we interested in the cloud-first, collaboration-centric nature of Office 365, so are our customers. We are working closely with several customers on deploying Office 365 and helping them drive adoption.”

“Our team is fully invested in the Microsoft stack. We work with our employees and invest in staying current on all of our certifications. We embrace Microsoft’s approach internally and use products like SharePoint, Teams and Power BI to collaborate and run our business.”

“We have a number of partnerships, but our endgame is Microsoft. The other partnerships we have help us do more with Microsoft and ultimately deliver a better experience for our Microsoft customers.”

Greg Kiefer Photo
Gregory Kiefer, CEO & President (Kiefer Consulting, Inc.)