Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

Kiefer Consulting has been a trusted partner to many organizations that have deployed Microsoft Teams to improve communication and collaboration. In addition, Kiefer’s expertise has been valuable for organizations that are seeking a reliable platform to enable remote work and telework.

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Kiefer Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Competency in Collaboration and Content.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams give your staff the ability to communicate more effectively because it provides chat based work space that users can collaborate on whatever work or project they are all part of.  The real advantage of it is that it can easily adopt to each teams different way of working.  One group for example may just need a document collaboration work space whereas a project team may need a place for documents as well as managing tasks and reporting on status.  Teams easily adapts to these different needs with one tool.  You also can increase your staff’s productivity because most of their tasks can be done thru the Teams client.  Messaging, meetings, documentation, reporting, these can all be done without having to constantly bounce from application to application.

Teams is an application that aggregates many aspects of Office 365.  By aggregating these features it allows an organization the ability to communicate more effectively, work better together, customize the space they work in, and keep the information secure.


Microsoft Teams is a chat client. It does all the same things the other chat clients that you have used in your life do.  In terms of the enterprise, it is the next or upgrade version of Skype for Business.

Things you should know about Teams Chat:

Chats can be one on one or a group chat.
In your messages you can press “Shift-Enter” to add a new line without sending your message.
You can format your messages.
Chats can occur in a Team Channel.
You can search and filter your chats to find previous conversations.
Can hide/unhide and mute conversations.
You can pin chats that are important to you and that you refer to frequently.
You can turn on/off notifications for people’s availability.

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The ``Teams`` area of the Teams client is where the ``Teams`` you are part of will be shown. In this context, a ``team`` is a group of people that all added to the same group and have access to collaborate in the same area. This is where you will collaboratively work with team members.


The Calendar area of the Teams client will show you all the meetings/appointments that are scheduled on your Outlook calendar. You can also add and edit items from your Outlook calendar from here, no need to tab back to Outlook. You can also start an unscheduled meeting directly from here by clicking the ``Meet now`` in the upper right hand corner.

Woman looking at Outlook calendar items and a weekly schedule on a Laptop
Screenshots of Microsoft Teams on a desktop and mobile device

Calls, Voicemail and Routing

You can make voice and video calls with the Teams client plus the calls feature comes with voicemail and routing of your calls.


The files section is where you go to find recently worked on documents.

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Microsoft Teams Governance

A governance plan is critical in supporting the implementation and growth of Microsoft Teams. Kiefer works with clients to outline the best practices and set guidelines, roles and responsibilities to form a baseline plan for your organization. It is then likely that staff will evolve the usage and configuration of Teams after the initial implementation.</p> <p>Governance plans typically outline the following governance topics:</p> <p>Group and Team Creation, Naming, Classification, Guest Access</p> <p>Group and Team Expiration, Retention and Archiving</p> <p>Teams Feature Management</p> <p>Security and Compliance