Our Modern Workplace consulting practice develops and deploys innovative solutions that improve how organizations communicate and share information both internally and externally.

In the modern workplace, ubiquitous collaboration is enabled through Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first approach. We believe that a truly mobile world means that any device can become your device. This means creating products that work across any platform. This also means turning virtually any machine into a connected device, allowing for better monitoring and communication.

Ubiquitous collaboration is further enabled by the cloud. The cloud shifts us from a world of individual creation to real-time collaboration and collective creation from anywhere. The cloud provides a universal computing fabric to light up experiences and devices, from our data centers to customers’ servers. The cloud powers our devices.

The modern digital workplace will create an environment that promotes ease of use and improved access to information.

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Examples of projects that have been led by Kiefer’s team of consultants include;
  • Document management solutions
  • Office 365 deployment services and support
  • Workflow optimization and automation
  • Digital business process transformation
  • Collaboration and team sites
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Advanced customization of SharePoint for team collaboration

We can help you with your modern workplace project

Examples of our work