CalHR Public Facing Website


CalHR was in need of a partner to help modernize the CalHR website. CalHR selected Kiefer Consulting to help with branding for the site, its new design, information architecture, and implementation of the site. Modernizing a legacy website is a major undertaking and requires a team with expertise in project management, analysis, branding, usability, information architecture, automated workflows, personalization, social media, and modern web programming for current browsers and mobile devices.


Kiefer worked closely with CalHR to develop a responsive and accessible website.

Project highlights include:

  • Kiefer leveraged best practices and technology accelerators that were at the core of other successful website redesign projects.
  • Kiefer worked closely with CalHR and collaborated across traditional departmental boundaries to create and deliver upon a shared vision for project success
  • Kiefer’s expertise in implementing user-friendly publishing capabilities simplified and streamlined the publishing process for mobile, tablets and desktops alike
  • Kiefer took a phased approach to designing and developing the CalHR website, thus achieving near term goals and establishing a foundation for long term success
  • Governance plans and detailed design documents
  • Training and usability testing


CalHR’s public facing website is easier to use, offers features that were previously unavailable and is compliant with State of California web accessibility requirements. Kiefer’s use of web development accelerators allowed Kiefer to deliver broad functionality in less time than it would have taken to build the site from scratch.