California Highway Patrol Public Facing Website


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was in need of a website that would be highly available, reliable, scalable and secure. CHP decided to leverage SharePoint 2013 as the foundation technology for their new website. Kiefer was selected to develop the technical architecture, and install and configure CHP’s SharePoint environments. In addition, Kiefer provided the expertise and processes to re-design the Information Architecture and visual design for the public-facing website to address the following business goals:

  • Use the California 2013 responsive website template
  • Migrate to SharePoint 2013 as the website platform
  • Evaluate the current IA and identify recommended changes
  • Identify the major audiences using the website
  • Develop an IA that organizes the content in a way that primary audiences will be able to navigate and find content
  • Design a consistent layout to be used throughout the site
  • Design a consistent navigation system to be used throughout the site
  • Add in social networks


Kiefer leveraged their expert team of consultants to implement a robust, stable SharePoint environment to support the newly redesigned public-facing website for CHP. The team’s broad range of competencies in system analysis and design was important to delivering an intuitive public facing website.

Kiefer’s expertise in designing and implementing a new, audience-based Information Architecture (IA), was a significant differentiator in the CHP project. Emphasizing a collaborative approach with CHP’s Community and Media Relations (COMR), group, Kiefer developed and improved the usability, accessibility, and content management for CHP’s audiences and internal staff.  The introduction of the new visual design, consistent layouts, and responsive design provided CHP with a significantly improved and modern communication tool that reflects their values and goals to the public.


A highly skilled team of Kiefer consultants leveraging a homegrown web content management tool was able to help the CHP in building an intuitive public facing website that offers an elegant user experience, up to date and timely information, integration with CHP’s social channels, and responsive design. Kiefer’s expertise helped deliver a website that is rich in features and meets the needs of the CHP and their constituents, now and into the foreseeable future.