California Lottery Mobile App


The California Lottery needed to quickly expand their mobile presence by extending its mobile suite of products into the Android market place and develop a strategy to sustain mobile solutions within their organization. Customers were demanding expanded mobile functionality.  When other forms of competitive entertainment provide access to services via mobile devices it eventually erodes market share. The purpose of the mobile application at the California Lottery is to allow consumers to view jackpot amounts, see winning numbers, find nearby or lucky retailers, and learn more about the Lottery’s products, provide integration with their 2nd chance program, to scan tickets and view other product offerings. In addition to establishing a state of the art mobile presence, the California Lottery foresaw the need for a Mobile Sustainability Plan to help them recognize how best to allow their business units help serve their mobile program.


Kiefer Consulting developed the California Lottery Official App for distribution on Android on the Google Play store. While maintaining the requirements and feature set provided in the iOS application, they helped design a user interface (UI) which would incorporate the best practices of the Android platform. This included utilizing gestures and navigation styles that would be both intuitive and enhance the user experience. Kiefer also went one step further by integrating with crash reporting and analysis tools to help Lottery maintain and discover how consumers will use the application.

In conjunction with the mobile application, Kiefer wrote the Mobile Sustainability Plan for Lottery’s executive steering committee. The content was driven from research on industry best practices, as well as from interviews with primary members of Lottery’s business units. By evaluating the current state of the Lottery’s mobile program, Kiefer was able to provide key recommendations for the business areas in order to sustain the mobile program for the next two years.


The California Lottery Official Mobile Application was launched for Android by the target date.  It quickly became the top-rated lottery application in the App Store, even before marketing efforts were underway. The sustainability plan was also delivered for the executive steering committee shortly after.  After implementing the 2nd Chance integration and ticket scanning features in 2015, the downloads skyrocketed.