California State Lands Commission Staff Reporting Solution

According to the California State Lands Commission website, the California State Lands Commission protects the lands and resources entrusted to its care through balanced management, marine protection and pollution prevention, adaptation to climate change, and ensuring public access to these lands and waters for current and future generations. The Commission is organized into divisions that include the Land Management, External Affairs, Environmental Management and Planning, Mineral Resources Management, and Marine Environmental Protection.

In order to execute on the mission, the California State Lands Commission has 6 scheduled meetings per year and special meetings as required.


Staff reports are prepared for each item on the commission’s agenda and posted on the commission’s website once they are finalized. The commission may only take action on items that are described on the agenda. California State Lands Commission staff must submit the staff report to an executive officer prior to the item being added to the agenda.

The legacy workflow lacked automation, did not provide visibility to where the staff report was in the review process, and lastly, the staff report may be in regards to a high-profile issue.


The Kiefer team helped the California State Lands Commission improve the staff report approval process.

Since staff reports are generally developed collaboratively by multiple contributors, Kiefer provided the California State Lands Commission with a solution that enabled collaboration, version control, and approval workflow. The solution assisted staff in efficiently delivering staff reports to an executive officer in a timely fashion.

The solution also provided a single dashboard that provides all staff with details on what information is required to get an agenda item onto the commission’s agenda.

“Having a relatively small IT shop the State Lands Commission understands the value of leveraging cloud platforms to gain access to technologies that were previously not feasible to implement. With Kiefer’s expertise, we were able to use Office 365 and SharePoint Online to automate our staff report routing process, one of the Commission’s most critical and time-sensitive processes. Kiefer engaged with our staff to build out an initial system, then iterated quickly on it to deliver a well-received, much appreciated, solution.”

Michael Farinha – Application Supervisor

California State Lands Commission