CalPers Intranet Portal


The CalPERS intranet, The Insider, offered the same road map and tool kit for 14 years, within a structure and design that became increasingly more outdated in terms of current users’ expectations and needs.

The design and technology being used for the Insider was too inefficient to allow for new development, new web content or changes to design rapidly enough to meet the growing demand for services and information. Inconsistency in site design and presentation along with challenges in finding information created a sense of urgency to redesign the Insider.


Kiefer provided technical, user experience, and business assessment for three of CalPERS 36 divisions, all of which utilize The Insider: Human Resources, Public Affairs, and Information Technology Services. Kiefer’s proposed template-driven design, shared master pages, theme colors and Cascading Style Sheets in a three-tiered small farm configuration were planned to leverage and facilitate learnability, navigation and ease of use.


Kiefer helped CalPERS improve upon the information architecture and usability of the CalPERS Insider. Visits to the Insider increased and through a series of interviews with CalPERS staff, Kiefer Consulting was able to identify that there was a calculable desire to create, to search, to ask, and to collaborate within the local intranet.