Inspire Communities Intranet


With 39 locations in 16 states, Inspire Communities needed a solution to improve internal communications. Inspire Communities asked Kiefer Consulting for assistance with the development of an intranet solution to provide readily accessible and supportable information for all employees and foster collaboration, sharing and content management of key business data for employees.


The Kiefer team leveraged SharePoint 2013 to build the Inspire Communities intranet environment. A primary consideration for the architecture and design of the intranet was to focus on out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality to allow for internal maintenance moving forward. Additionally, Kiefer Consulting worked with Inspire Communities to develop a new information architecture to layout content in a way that would be intuitive to a wide base of users.


The primary intent of this intranet was to enable the distribution of important information and providing a collaboration platform for a geographically dispersed base of employees. In addition, Inspire Communities now had a centralized repository for critical business information.

“I have been so happy with service because I feel like everyone on your team has listened to us rather than trying to ram us into a box. I also appreciate all the follow up and responsiveness which has been there from the very beginning. Thank you!”

Krista Snelling, Chief Financial Officer