Office of Systems Integration Governance Plan


In October of 2014, Kiefer was selected to design, develop and deployed a CWS-NS project team site that was intended to provide document management and enable collaboration with external partners on project deliverables. The team recognized that the implementation required a governance plan and roadmap that ensured that content structure and policies were followed. Without governance, the environment would be difficult to navigate, information could be accessed by unauthorized users and usability of the site could leave some users dissatisfied.


Once the solutions were built, a critical piece of the solution was  building a robust governance plan that defined rules, roles and responsibility. Both the client and Kiefer recognized that a solid governance plan would be important to the success of the project.

Kiefer met with subject-matter experts and SharePoint online administrators to develop a plan that outlined the business-critical nature of the implementation, established policies and defined roles.


Kiefer met with project and division subject-matter experts (SMEs) and SharePoint online administrators to develop a governance plan initially for CWS-NS, and then for all of OSI. Kiefer prepared a draft governance plan and roadmap to implement SharePoint governance across all of the O365 Project and Division sites. This plan included policies and procedures and a comprehensive rollout plan. Kiefer’s expertise in SharePoint and site governance was critical in developing a plan and roadmap that helps ensure success.