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As a leader, when it comes to a distributed workforce, you are certainly aware that issues, obstacles and challenges exist. But you may not know exactly what they are, how to articulate them or, even if you do, how to address them. You need an expert to look at your case, to study the symptoms, and prescribe a solution based on years of experience. When you take advantage of Kiefer’s Remote Workforce Consulting Service, our experts take a deep dive into how a distributed workforce uniquely impacts your business or organization. Working together, we can tailor a custom solution to address your specific needs and help you chart a path forward.  

Graphic showing the depth of remote work consulting services provided by Kiefer Consulting.
An illustration showing Kiefer's approach to helping clients with a remote work / distributed workforce strategy

Free Session with the Kiefer Experts

The Kiefer team has decades of collective experience crafting solutions ideally suited for a distributed workforce. We call it the Modern Workplace and its one of our primary practice areas. Like you, we didn’t expect to be leveraging our considerable skills and experience that today’s challenges call for. Yet here we are, together. You have needs and we have the tools and talent to help you address them. Let us help you get started for free.

Contact Kiefer Consulting at (916) 932-7220 or send and e-mail to Brian Wallace (bwallace@kieferconsulting.com) to learn more or schedule your consultation.

Peter Allen Professional

While we didn't know it would be a pandemic that ignited the switch to widespread remote work, we have for decades been equipping our clients with the tools to thrive together even when they're apart.

Peter Allen, Principal Consultant


Technology and Infrastructure

Having the right technology and infrastructure in place is critical for supporting workers wherever they are so your business objectives can be met from anywhere at anytime. Kiefer Consulting has over 30 years of experience helping organizations large and small undertake technology initiatives that have transformative impacts on people and processes. Through our Modern Workplace practice, we can help your organization meet the challenges of today by elevating remote work from the fringes to the forefront. 

Provisioning Tailored Microsoft Teams Sites

Microsoft Teams collaboration sites can be tailored and configured for maximum productivity. Kiefer’s team of consultants can help you in tailoring the Teams experience and improve how your organization collaborates.

  • Teams site provisioning
  • Teams site lifecycle management
  • Application development in Microsoft Teams
  • Added value in Microsoft Teams
  • Intranet (Communication and Employee Engagement)
  • Microsoft Teams (Calling + Conferencing)
  • Microsoft Forms (Gather employee feedback/input)
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • SharePoint (Single source of truth / Collaboration & Team Sites)
  • OneDrive for Business (Cloud Backup and Restore)
  • Task Management (Microsoft Planner/Tasks and SharePoint Lists)    
  • Process Mapping (Nintex Promapp)
  • Digital Business Transformation 
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Process Automation 
  • Workflow Optimization 
  • Kiefer’s team is experienced with tools like PowerAutomate and Nintex.
  • Move critical infrastructure and applications to the cloud for reliability and access
  • Enable remote workers by securely extending full capabilities to any device, using any browser… allowing user productivity from anywhere
  • Work with Kiefer to move critical infrastructure to the cloud or leverage the power of Microsoft Azure
  • Power Automate (Quickly visualize data, create applications or automate simple processes)
  • Power BI to help deliver deep, real-time insights into organizational data

Business Continuity

Every crisis is also an opportunity to learn and improve so you’re better prepared in the future. The Kiefer team can help solidify your business continuity strategy by helping you move business-critical content to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. We have helped clients ditch costly back-up solutions and assisted them in a retention policy that ensures that enterprise content is recoverable. And we’ll show you how to leverage Power BI to monitor and measure KPIs in real-time using Workplace Analytics. 

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Information security is one of the most potent stressors when managing a distributed workforce. The Kiefer team can help reduce vulnerabilities by providing your organization with a comprehensive security strategy built around the advanced features already available in Microsoft 365, including:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure AD Conditional Access is the Microsoft identity security policy hub
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Phishing prevention / awareness
  • Secure procedures for all necessary processes performed remotely

We can also work with you to assess organizational vulnerability, provide a security scorecard, and outline ways to reduce and mitigate security risks.

Organizational Change Management

Change is always hard. Upending and dispersing your entire workforce can seem insurmountable. But it’s not. The Kiefer team has decades of experience helping organizations navigate turbulent times and stabilize their trajectories. We’ll show you how to craft logical scheduling policies, how to communicate and manage expectations, how to encourage collaboration and engagement and how to establish a meaningful, practical governance policy that will provide your organization with sound guidance for both the short term and long into the future. 



Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that you establish to guide, direct, and control how your organization uses technologies to accomplish business goals. Effective governance anticipates the needs and goals of both your organization’s IT teams and its business divisions. Governance also provides policies and guidelines that make the deployment of products and technologies manageable for IT and also effective as a business tool. Proper governance can help protect your enterprise from security threats or non-compliance liability. It can also help ensure the best return on your investment in technologies by enforcing best practices in content management or information architecture. At Kiefer we’re experts at helping our clients develop logical, sensible and meaningful governance policies that ensure long-term success.

``I've been at Kiefer a long time and the underlying reason why is that we genuinely care about our clients. We're excited to offer this new service because we know we can help you navigate difficult times and emerge stronger on the other side. And we'll be with you every step of the way``.

Ben Cox, Director of Operations

Contact Kiefer to schedule a free consultation with our Modern Workplace practice group. You have needs and we have the tools and talent to help you address them. Let us help you get started for free.

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