Using Power BI to View State Procurement Data

Power BI is an amazing tool for aggregating data and gaining insights that are difficult to extract from a spreadsheet, or even worse, several spreadsheets.   At Kiefer Consulting, we are proud of our reputation for building sophisticated solutions that streamline processes, improve communication and enable collaboration. We’re also constantly striving to improve how we work so we regularly build solutions for …

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Making a Case for a Chat Bot.

A conversation with Kiefer consultants yield some thoughtful insights about chat bot development, cognitive services, artificial intelligence and more. When our consultants discuss solutions with clients, we focus on the problems that the solution will solve. Artificial intelligence, cognitive services and bot technologies certainly have the “cool” factor, but do they have a business application? …

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The Value of Usability Testing: More than just a test.

So, you’re building out your new website. You’ve organized all of your content, built wireframes for all of your pages and you’ve got your talented team of graphic designers working on branding and finding good images for the site. But when launch rolls around, you realize that you’ve forgotten the most important part of the …

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Governance can be fun!

Ok…my bad. My title is a little misleading…Anyone who’s ever been involved in developing and implementing a SharePoint solution to support a public-facing website, or Intranet/Collaboration sites, or a custom application, probably has never made the statement that “Governance is Fun”. Developing a Governance Plan and implementing the policies and procedures to actively manage your …

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