Working Remotely

App Showcase Telework App

Kiefer’s team of Modern Workplace consultants are experienced business analysts that work collaboratively with clients to help customers solve business challenges and improve processes. The Telework App is just one example of what Kiefer can build using Microsoft PowerApps. Last year, as organizations began to experiment with hybrid work options, many struggled with being able …

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Assessing and modernizing your intranet

An organization’s intranet is the place where employees can go for trusted, published content. Over the last couple of years, as employees have moved to hybrid or fully remote, the intranet is increasingly important. Intranets is how workers stay informed about relevant happenings within the organization. In 2019, the Kiefer team attempted to create a …

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New clients and the questions they ask

Over the last 2 years, Kiefer has worked with more private sector companies than ever before. While a majority of our contracts come from state and local government clients, we found that in 2020 and 2021, a number of private sector companies needed the support of a firm with our expertise. Our experience in enabling …

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Microsoft is focusing on the employee experience

Microsoft just wrapped up the Inspire conference, an annual event in which Microsoft executives share the company’s strategy and vision with the large network of Microsoft partners. Since the introduction of Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365), these events are less focused on technology features and functionality announcements. With Software-as-a-Service offerings like Microsoft 365, products …

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Microsoft Teams is where work is being done.

Microsoft Teams continues to be the “glue” for organizations that are collaborating as a hybrid workforce, and Microsoft has recognized the important role that Microsoft Teams is playing in the modern workplace. Microsoft recently announced updates to Microsoft Teams that will extend collaboration capabilities and offer up more integration with Microsoft 365 applications. These new …

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The Statue of Liberty

Independence Days

Free your organization and allow it to thrive from anywhere. As we approach the Fourth of July, we find ourselves in distinct and challenging times. Collectively, we’re readying ourselves to celebrate freedom while we find ourselves sheltering in place, working remotely and the other things we must necessarily do to help navigate through the pandemic.